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1942 Midway—Four Minutes Change Everything
The advent of aircraft carriers brought a significant new era in naval warfare. Witness the most dramatic and pivotal of the "carrier versus carrier" battles, where the events of a short span of minutes permanently tilted the balance of power in the Pacific to the United States.
Part of the Series: Ken Burns: The War
By September 1944, in Europe at least, the Allies seem to be moving steadily toward victory. "Militarily," General Dwight Eisenhower's chief of staff tells the press, "this war is over." But in the coming months, on both sides of the world, a generation of young men will learn a lesson…
Part of the Series: WWI: The War to End all Wars
This episode talks about the use of aircraft during the war and the development of aircraft and air corps on both sides of the conflict.
Falcon Field (Air Museum); Fighter Combat International
Part of the Series: Arizona Backroads Series
During WW II Phoenix changed from a farming center into an industrial city with mass production of military supplies, which gave rise to the Williams and Falcon airfields in Mesa. For years, Falcon Field was home to the Champlin Fighter Museum, which contained a large number of planes from WW…
Warbirds Over the Trenches
This is the story of the beginning of war in the sky! Discover the legendary aircrafts and thrilling aerial battles that marked many historic achievements and advances for pilots, engineers and our military. Through captivating final interviews with some of the men who flew in the Great War, incredible archival…
Where is Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370?
Part of the Series: Horizon
Horizon tells the inside story of the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. With access to the key players on the frontline in the southern Indian Ocean and the British satellite engineers who tracked the plane's final hours, Horizon breaks open the biggest mystery in aviation history. The film reveals…
Neighbours at War - Conflict in North America
The peoples of the United States and Canada are today good friends and neighbours. Yet, during one 3-year period, the United States invaded Canada on ten occasions. Soldiers on both sides fought bravely for their principles and there were numerous hard-contested battles. It was called the War of 1812 (yet…
New Colonial Masters: The Philippines 1900-1902
The United States defeated the Spanish Empire during the short war of 1898. After Commodore Dewey's victory at the Battle of Manila Bay, the Americans landed in Manila and occupied the city with the help of nationalists. The nationalists expected the US to support the independence of their country, but…
Australia at War 1914-1918
For Australia, World War One was a social crisis as well as a military one. For the first time Australians were required to fight on behalf of their own country. This film, a reasoned appraisal of Australia's part in the First World War, also examines the effects of the war…
Trash Creep
Part of the Series: Cyberchase
The team battles a giant garbage heap in Perfectomundo, which threatens to break through the cybersite dome; Hacker seeks to grow an army of monster plants.
Disaster Series Three
Disaster - Series 3 uncovers the chilling truths behind some of the worst catastrophes in the last 50 years. These include: the 1989 sinking of the Marchioness on the River Thames, grave errors made in cervical smear testing, the Japan air flight JAL 123 crash in 1985 and follows the…
Affectionately known as "Smithy", Sir Charles Kingsford Smith astonished the world in 1928 with his pioneering Trans Pacific flight from America to Australia. He went on to establish Australian National Airways and set many air distance and endurance records. Director Ken G. Hall's last feature film is a gripping and…