Last Men in Aleppo
The White Helmet Heroes Saving Lives in Syria

Last Men in Aleppo - The White Helmet Heroes Saving Lives in Syria
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This Documentary is an eye-opener, it was raw, and showed compassion like i've never seen before. Khalid, one of the main characters along with his White Helmet team goes around town rescuing trapped people and reuniting bodies to family and loved one. During a rescue, he was buried under ...Read more

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Ignore the heartless comments on here and watch this documentary. It is grim, relentless and puts you right in the midst of this ongoing tragedy. This film shines a light on the people who are actually doing something about this humanitarian disaster while the world turns its eyes away.

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This is not an objective look at the situation. There is no mention of any other community than the Muslims'. The protagonists' wives are never pictured, only little girls. The dialogues are clearly set up. Of course, the situation in Aleppo is tragic, but this is not the film to show it, it ...Read more

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Just no to all you are saying. It should be shown and it is objective. This was the remnants of the community that did not flee the regime siege and bombing, not "muslims" per say but people. Have you no heart.

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Dull, boring, no character development. Obvious propaganda for US involvement in Syria. White Hats have been proven to be merely a propaganda stunt. A shame this was ever nominated for any award.

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No, but nice Kremlin/Iranian propaganda from you though.


Incredibly grim and sad, senseless killing.

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US out of Syria. NATO out of Syria. France and UK out of Syria. Then the war would stop. Question Authority. Read History. Peace.

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You forgot Russia? Unless that's who you work for I guess.

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Please. War was started by Assad. Educate yrself .

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