Last Year at Marienbad
L'année dernière à Marienbad

Last Year at Marienbad - L'année dernière à Marienbad
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Perhaps this film would be best appreciated upon its original release. But viewed now (Spring 2019), not being a serious cinephile, this film, like Orson Welles in his final years, could best be described as being "famous for being famous".

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AKA Bad Year at Marienlast.

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I understand this is regarded as a "masterpiece," but I think it would've been stronger as a short film.

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Fairly thrilled by this when I saw it on first release ('61 or '62); then an accelerating decline in appreciation over the years culminating in near contempt -- but now I'm a bit more mellow and see it as an important though not really very good film. Seyrig and Pitoeff are brilliant given ...Read more

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Could also be called "Remembrance of things past". What is dream, what is reality?
Enigmatic story, statue-like people, hauntingly eerie music... This mysterious castle-like hotel with its labyrinth reminded me of "The shining" at times.

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A strange little film-dreamlike, with a lot implied and few details.I've seen a lot of avant garde cinema, but never a film quite like this.

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One of the greatest movies ever made. Surrealist cinema at its finest

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Complete masterpiece!

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This is probably my favorite movie.

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