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Mark M.

In equal measure both captivating and isolating. A master piece.

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It's a film I've always wanted to see. And Monica Vitti in all her womanly glory is the proverbial icing on the cake. Another Antonioni gem!

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features some truly awkward kissing scenes.

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I really love this. Best portrayal of human emotions.

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Frank Sherman

You cant' argue with a classic. I don't always understand it. But I do understand one thing. CLASSIC.

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There isn't much plot and you really don't get to know any of the characters very well, but the world Antonioni creates somehow burns into your memory. In fact, I felt like the characters stood in for me while I wandered through his spare and, in one instance quite literally, spiritually ...Read more

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I'm finishing my Thesis on Antonioni, maybe I'll post snippets of it throughout his trilogy :)

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Please do. Is this part of a trilogy? I loved this film so much.

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Considering nothing happens, I found this film ridiculously captivating. This is mainly due to striking cinematography with interesting, slightly off-kilter framing, lots of faces up against landscapes, and a kind of psychological acuity which is really difficult to nail down (as a viewer ...Read more

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Thanks! Good review.

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I tried my best to like it, and I did, mostly for the visual grammar and the story line of disappearance/separation/anomie. But the relationship between men and women is Italian-tedious and painfully dated. If you want Antonioni's mature take on disappearance and anomie, The Passenger is much ...Read more

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For the most part I agree with you, the male character is deplorable in the extreme and the girl is obnoxious (both of the main ones, really). On the other hand I don't find this movie anywhere near as intolerable as some of its Gallic counterparts around the same time. Jules and Jim made ...Read more

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Loved it

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I watched this for the first time very recently. Considering its place in cinematic history, I found this film mesmerizing in all its glory, yet at the same time confusing and lonely. It remains on my watchlist to watch again in future as I continue to be under Antonioni's spell!

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Olivia -- never watch a film "considering it's (sic) place in cinematic history." Your take on that film will be corrupted from the git-go.

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*its *get-go

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Only if are a slave to MicroSoft speller. Ask, say, Faulkner or Don DeLillo.

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Geoffrey, Look up "mansplaining" if no one's explained it to you yet.

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