Le Weekend

Le Weekend
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Pathetic loosers in Paris. Painful to watch

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Warning: This is not a comedy. Jeff saved this movie from itself. I liked the ending but, the journey was boring. I really thought they would have a better marriage if they just shut up & had sex. I'm middle-aged & glad to be single after watching this.

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Beautiful film in every way.

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One must be 60-75 years of age, and married at least 35 years to truly understand this married couple. I saw myself and my husband all the way through — two highly educated professionals, searching for retirement, having that interrupted by selfish children. We are getting our 1st vacation to ...Read more

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Don't deny yourself this charming movie. A long marriage, they go to Paris: stay for the dancing scene. With Jeff Goldblum, Jim Broadbent and a charming Lindsay Duncan. Did I say "charming" twice?

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A hardheaded slice of life. Nicely done. Not sure about the ending.

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I truly enjoyed this gem

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Loved it.

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An interesting look at a couple struggling with their marriage. It is amusing at times and the ending is sweet. Not a comedy, but very European. In other words no explosions or gun fights. People are talking!

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This is not a comedy which it was listed as. It's a very sad drama and not very engaging.

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They're wealthy and in Paris and the first 10 minutes are them bickering. Yikes.

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When/Where did you get the idea they were wealthy??? Many people travel abroad with little income...

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Blah ...

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12 minutes in and I don't care.....

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A sober look at retirement with joys and regrets. More thought-provoking than depressing. Overall I enjoyed this sweet film.

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