Learning Through Play: 3-5 Years

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Ben Shoots Pool in a Groove - Ben wonders why the distribution of billiard balls was not random
By using parallel cue sticks to build a ramp, Ben creates an unconventional way to get the balls into a hole. Uncle George and Ben talk about how to aim…
Why Children Play Follow- Me - Children learn how to synchronize their movements in a circle game
What motivates 3-year old children to play the repetitive game of following one another in a circle? And can we find the children's cleverness here? For example, notice how some…
Pretend Washing - Two girls negotiate the appropriateness of gestures in pretend washing
When children act out a scene in pretend play, they let us know a great deal about their understanding of the physical and social world. In this clip you will…
Can Three-Year-Olds Teach? - Justin carefully explains how to hold the back of the zipper to make it work
Max cannot zip his purse. Justin announces, "I will teach him." As Justin starts to zip his own purse he tells Max, "Now watch this. I can do it. Hold…
The Story Wins the Day - Corbin invents a story that gives motive and structure to his play with marble ramps
Corbin is having a little trouble making the ramp with the marble block ramps, so Annie helps. She sees what piece and placement he needs. But as he continues to…
Filling an Ice Tray Together - Three children negotiate different subtasks to take water in ice trays to the freezer
In this short clip, three four-year-old children spontaneously subtask their efforts to fill an ice tray with water and carry it to the freezer. The transcript in the pdf speculates…
Bottomless Boxes are Better - Children discover that wooden boxes can be both a platform and a tunnel
Evan (in yellow) and Alex (in red) rearrange a few bottomless wooden boxes into a changing variety of play props that have qualitatively different functions: a train to sit in,…
Breaking to Build - Dusk motivates his friends to build through his emotion and his directions
This video demonstrates the unique dynamics of collaborative efforts between children Dusk and his friends want to build a track for their racecars. The children see a line of chairs…
Photographs as Plans Rather than Records - Using a photograph as a plan for building a fort
Six boys meet to rebuild a block structure that was photographed the day before. They do not have enough long blocks to finish the roof. They look at the photographs…
Why Children Make Play Challenging - When a game gets repetitive these boys increase the challenge
Using two gym mats, the boys pretend to jump over a crevice flowing with hot lava. By degrees they increase the gap between the mats, increasing the danger and fun…
Pretend You Like Me - Miles shifts from "Can I play with you" to "Pretend you like me"
In this classic example of, "May I play with you?" Miles uses pretense in order to gain acceptance into Hannah and Jacey's play. He recognizes Hannah as the leader and…

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