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Take Care Giving Expert Advice
Don't get caught out giving advice says lawyer, Angela Perry: * Credibility issues * Regulation & accreditation * Credible expertise * Damage and repercussions of giving flawed advice * Formal…
Seeking Legal Advice
Angela Perry provides advice for a productive outcome when seeking legal advice: * Legal advice for template documents * Seeking advice on contracts * Legal fees * Establish a good…
Understanding Intellectual Property
Learn about intellectual property at work from Angela Perry: * Intellectual property ownership * Clarifying boundaries in employment contracts * Ownership and transfer of IP * IP, copyright and trademarks…
Copyright Warning
Sound advice from lawyer Angela Perry, to ensure copyright is not breached: * Permission to copy * Logos and plagiarism * Breach of copyright * Turn caution into creativity *…

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Legal Issues: Confidentiality, Liability and Ethics
There are many potential legal and ethical problems faced every day in the health care setting. Maintaining a good relationship with the patient is one of the health care assistant's strongest safeguard. This program is intended to give your assistants the does and the dont's of the most common situations…
Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals VII - Dual Relationships, Standards of Care and Termination
Did you know... Good recordkeeping is what can help you the most if a complaint is brought against you by your licensing board? Ethical rules vary by licensing board and state when it comes to such vital issues as confidentiality and privilege? What makes a boundary crossing a boundary violation,…
Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals VI - Confidentiality, Privilege, Reporting, and Duty to Warn
Finally, a video program to fulfill your CE requirement that is engaging, entertaining and informative. Also ideal for teaching and clinical trainings.The four lively vignettes include incisive commentary by Stephen Feldman, a renowned expert in the fields of both law and psychology. What better way to get your required CE…
Legal Issues in Trauma Therapy
"The false memory attack is one that has caused a great deal of unhappiness and a great deal of difficulty. It has also helped raise the standard of care...There is no doubt that the law has intruded into the practice of therapy, and there is no doubt that it will…
Legal Issues in Trauma Therapy I: The Memory War
Part of the Series: Legal Issues in Trauma Therapy
Topics History of the Backlash The False Memory Attack The Assault on Trauma Diagnosis and Treatment Labeling Therapy as Fraudulent and Unscientific Harassment of Prominent Therapists The Recanter Phenomenon Managed Care Fear of Lawsuits Therapist Experiences-Suits and Complaints Personal Effects on Therapists Standing Up to Harassment
Legal Issues in Trauma Therapy II: Strategies & Standards
Part of the Series: Legal Issues in Trauma Therapy
Topics Precipitating Factors in the Backlash Being Sued by Clients Depositions Getting Emotional Help Self-Protection Effect on the Therapeutic Alliance Consultation and Networking Staying Current in the Field The Political Milieu of Therapy
Social Work: Social Issues
Part of the Series: Social Issues
This introduction to social work examines three disciplines (addictions, human growth and development and justice studies) from a social work perspective. The video focuses on the theory that recovery from poverty and/or physical, psychological or spiritual illness requires a holistic approach. If a social services professional is to successfully identify…
Legal Briefs Series
In a series of short episodes Lizzie O'Shea talks to Australia's top legal minds. She takes you into the courts, and the places where our law is made.
Working With Issues in Divorce
Divorce is stressful for partners, children, and other family members, causing problematic thoughts and behaviors. High levels of conflict often occur, usually surrounding difficulties in establishing the structure crucial in post-divorce life, such as the custody of children, how much time children spend in each parent's household, and other coparenting…
Global Issues Series
As world population soars, the strain on societies and their environments increase, creating problems and conflicts, and, hopefully, more opportunities for solutions.
Understanding Brain Injury & How to Work with People with ABI - Series 1
This online lecture series covers core material and is suitable for anyone working or living with a person with brain injury; both experienced and new to the field. The information in the series forms the basis for developing individual programs for clients with ABI, with a particular focus on managing…
Understanding Brain Injury & How to Work with People with ABI - Series 2
The second series of the online training series, 'Understanding Brain Injury and how to work with people with ABI' comprises detailed lectures applying the ABC approach to case examples. Each case study considers an individual who is displaying challenging behaviour, such as physical aggression, repetitive questioning or verbal aggression.