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Climb! Colorado
Part of the Series: Colorado Adventures Series
Colorado's Rocky Mountains provide some of the best and various types of rock climbing, which is why people come from all around the world to climb Colorado. This program takes us to Eldorado Canyon State Park where we meet Jenny Herman, who is relatively new to climbing, and Adam Hufford,…
In Caribou Country - The Adventures of W.B. Cabot
Part of the Series: Great Explorers Series
"Recommended. Pictures of the Naskapi people and the harsh landscape are strikingly detailed. The faces and expressions are vivid and clear." -EMRO Review "Some of the artifacts Cabot gathered, including a drum, a bow and arrow, caribou-skin mittens and a pouch, and moccasins, are on display at Harvard's Peabody Museum…
Turf Soaring School; Kemmeries Light Flying Center
Part of the Series: Arizona Backroads Series
Flying a glider, a single pair of wings etched against a distant sky, a cliff or cloud, soaring in the wind, seems a remote and beautiful dream. But thanks to the Turf Soaring School, located just north of Phoenix in Peoria, Arizona, where nearby desert fields and mountains make for…
Fish! Colorado
Part of the Series: Colorado Adventures Series
Colorado is filled with fast running streams and rivers and beautiful deep-water lakes, and is renown as a world-class destination for all types of inland-water fishing; this is a place where one can go fishing practically anywhere there is water. In this program expert angler Shannon Long, co-owner of the…
Michael Earney - The Utilitarian Artist
Part of the Series: Artists of America Series
An excellent biography of a British-born artist who fell in love with America's West and now resides in Texas. Viewers will love to view the unique illusions he includes in his art; plus Michael presents an honest perspective of the utilitarian side of art - using one's artistic skills in…
The Sad Story of the Banana - Dangers of Pesticide Abuse
Part of the Series: Global Issues Series
"Highly Recommended. This is the real story behind the cosmetic banana; the perfect flawless fruit that appears on tables everywhere. Although the sub-title highlights dangers of pesticide abuse, the program covers broader issues regarding banana plantations in Central America. It uncovers areas such as extreme exploitation of man and earth,…
Part of the Series: Spirit of America Series
Trains traditionally carried life into the Rocky Mountains and they continue to do so today. Many people take trains from Durango to Silverton not only for purposes of travel, but also to experience the ride and to see the landscape up close, a view made possible only by train. This…
Art for Art's Sake
Part of the Series: Spirit of America Series
The art world of the American West is bursting with life as we discover in this program where artists are influenced by the natural beauty surrounding them. Denver's International Airport, often called DIA, America's largest airport land wise, is an architectural and artistic wonder. Outside, its distinctive white tension fabric…
Walt Owen
Part of the Series: Artists of America Series
Art was a major part of Walt Owen's life for nearly eight decades, and his artistic talent earned him international acclaim. During WW II he was feted as one of America's best war production cartoonists; then in 1971 NASA recruited him as the "artist of record" for the Apollo 15…
The Jet Age Takes Off
Part of the Series: The Amazing World of Aviation
The year 1950 was a pivotal year for innovations in air travel, marking the start of the Jet Age after the invention of the jet engine by Frank Whittle some nine years earlier. Airlines began to spring up everywhere, catering to the demands of passengers wanting to go just about…
Great Explorers Series
This series offers a mix of historical and contemporary documentaries on some of the most courageous and daring people who have documented their explorations of the world.
Illustrating Architecture 2: Beginning Your Illustration
Part of the Series: Art and Architecture Series
Dick Shook is an architectural-illustrator who has offered building design, from commercial and residential-renovation to new construction, throughout his professional career. In this comprehensive how-to program, Dick demonstrates the fundamental illustration techniques used by architect designers. In the second part of this how-to program, Dick introduces a perspective chart used…