Leon Trotsky

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War In Indochina
From the 1890s, France controlled Indochina. After World War II, Ho Chi Minh ruled in the north, while France held power in the south. The First Indochina War ended with the defeat of French forces at Dien Bien Phu in 1954. Elections to unite Vietnam were due to take place…
Widow of the Revolution: The Story of Anna Larina
Anna Larina was the young bride of Nikolai Bukharin, one of the top leaders in the early years of the Russian Revolution. This documentary is based on her memorable autobiography, "This I Cannot Forget," which she wrote late in life, after being imprisoned for almost twenty years in the Russian…
Witness to History Series
Witness to History is a series of award winning documentary films that focus on specific moments in history. Using archival footage and voice over narrative, these videos give the viewer a "you are there" sense of world events. Each film is between 12-15 minutes and is ideal as either a…
Albert Speer
Albert Speer, a young German architect, attended a meeting in Berlin addressed by Adolf Hitler, and was captivated by the magic of his oratory. He joined the Nazi Party three months later in early 1933. Speer's brilliance and opportunism led to a rapid advance in his career, which saw him…
Conflict In Europe Part 1
Part of the Series: Conflict In Europe
The Treaty of Versailles, and the League of Nations policy of 'Collective Security', failed to deter German and Italian aggression in the 1920s and 30s. Italy invaded Abyssinia. Germany marched into the Rhineland, and later, annexed Austria. British Prime Minister Chamberlain's policy of appeasement failed, and Czechoslovakia eventually was seized…
Conflict In Europe Part 2
Part of the Series: Conflict In Europe
One of the major turning points of the war major was the Soviet victory at Stalingrad in 1943. This was followed by the Allied victory in North Africa and the subsequent invasion of Sicily and Italy. The Russians would have another major victory at Kursk in July 1943, the beginning…
1862 Antietam—The Civil War’s Bloodiest Day
At the time of this landmark battle in the American Civil War, the Confederacy seemed poised to achieve its goal of independence. Envision the protracted, bloody struggle between North and South, and consider the ways in which a marginal Union victory nevertheless altered the course of the war.
1989—The Fall of the Berlin Wall
How did a bureaucratic blunder by a Politburo member lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall? Find out as you examine the surprisingly peaceful collapse of the Soviet Union and Communist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe.
The Cold War Part Two 1962 - 1991
For 13 days during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, the world faced the threat of nuclear holocaust. The following year the Sino-Soviet Split reached its lowest ebb, and the Vietnam War escalated after the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. Political and military tension diminished in the late 1960s, during the…
Civil War Minutes - Confederate
Part of the Series: Civil War Life Series
Though people often remember the generals and commanders from a major war, its outcome also depends largely on the nameless soldiers in the front lines. Illuminating little known history, CIVIL WAR MINUTES(r) - Confederate features rarely told stories of both the famous and average Confederate soldiers in the Civil War.…
Conflict In Europe
A definitive, two part series about the events leading to World War II; the major campaigns; the effect of the war on civilians; Nazi racial policies.
Rain of Ruin
This powerful video features a comprehensive examination of one of the most important, yet little-understood episodes in modern history - the several months leading up to the atomic bombings of Japan, which both ended World War II and shaped the world's geo-political landscape for the next 50 years. To compel…