Let The Corpses Tan

Let The Corpses Tan
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The French are making some pretty good Grindhouse these days: "Raw," "Revenge," and all the pictures of the Forzani-Cattet duo. This is no exception. It's probably even better if you're in your twenties and wicked high.

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Cross-breed Wes Anderson’s eye with Luca Guadagnino’s sense of touch, and you’d begin to approach the type of sensations that Cattet & Forzani are peddling here. It’s heady, visceral stuff, with the information density of a flight-academy midterm. LET THE CORPSES TAN certainly wasn’t made ...Read more

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Stylistically derivative of Tarantino and his sources, but boring withal. Who lives? Who dies? Who cares?

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Overwhelmingly flashy. It actually became something of a fever dream by the end, rather exhausting. I think I enjoyed it enough up until then to be able to recommend it if you're a sucker for bold, surreal, and inventive visuals, even when they drag down the energy of a film.

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like a french tarantino film.... if tarantino were MORE horny and obsessed with leather somehow

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Pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved cinematically on a small budget. A joyful spaghetti crime caper for the new millennium.

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I watched 10 minutes and knew it wasn't for me. Had a very strong feeling it would be a waste of time.

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Frank Sherman

I havent' sene this but after seeign the trailer i know one thing, THIS is good. Will be watching soon.

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This husband and wife director team are my favorite thing to happen to modern cinema. Beautifully composed images, mesmerizing editing, brilliant sound design - they're like the love child of Godard and Antonioni. People calling this silly are missing the point.

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It's a very fun watch, nothing more, nothing less. I had a blast watching it

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Pretty silly but stylish fluff.

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Seeing this a few days after Vox Lux, which was just awful in every way. This is no less ridiculous but at least it's not trying to be anything more than a loony style exercise.

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vox lux is great

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This....was...a movie.

I think the filmmakers are so intent on channeling 60's Italian cinema (even though this is a crime movie, there are BIG gouts of Giallo and Spaghetti Western stuff on view) that the style interferes with the story. I was frequently lost as to what was going on ...Read more

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the filmmaking on display is incredible. photography, sound, EDITING!!!! Fun plot, not much in the way of characters, but gleeful an virtuosic creativity. Might get a little exhausting by the end, but that feels like the point.

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started off interesting then dissolved into something unintentionally silly trying to be artsy

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