Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In
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I give this film a five-star rating for sheer originality! It is one of the most original vampire films I have ever seen. Especially remarkable how a child can go from looking like a pubescent girl to an old woman in a snap! God. The bully element was something that more than a few of us ...Read more

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Loved this film. The book is WAY more grotesque and violent: entirely too much horror just for the sake of horror. The filmmakers could see that, and excised the completely un-needed stuff (which might not have passed the censors anyway). What's with these Swedes??
The American ...Read more

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Delicate and bittersweet despite its "horror" premise, this captures perhaps better than most other movies on this theme the absolute sadness and loneliness of the vampire.

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Just watched the move, I agree. The entire move captures human (and Vampire) loneliness. Only Eli and Oskar are developed and only in a very stark way. The entire movie has a cold and bleak feel.

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This is a beautiful friendship/vampire story. It is a must watch.

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Boy Alexandra, you said it.

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This is my favorite vampire film I've seen yet. The stark landscapes, deliberate pacing and well-written characters made it a joy to experience. The young actors portraying the leads were also fantastic.

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Far more than just another vampire movie. This film is an intense, dark love story about two strange, lonely twelve year-old kids--though one of them, in her own words, has been twelve for a very long time.
This is a great film.

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Just excellent.

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Excited to watch this!

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One of my all time favorite horror films. The American remake does no justice to the Swedish original.

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Well written and not-so-spooky vampire movie!

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Surprisingly good...the girl was a good actress and it was an interesting tale of vampires and love in this modern age.....I do not usually like horror / dark films but this was well written.

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Berlin Alexanderplatz/1980 German TV

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