The American Revolution

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The Reluctant Revolutionaries
Through interviews with historians and dramatic reenactments of eyewitness accounts, this documentary series chronicles the pivotal events that took place between 1763 and 1789 as the United States came into…
Blows Must Decide
In the second episode, most Americans cannot imagine a complete break from Britain, even after shots are fired at Lexington. Powerful words push matters "over the edge" in 1776. A…
The Times That Try Men's Souls
Days after the Declaration is signed, the British drop anchor in New York Harbor, sending the untrained American army packing. Washington's volunteer troops are driven the length of New Jersey.…
Oh Fatal Ambition!
The "united" states need funds and military support. Benjamin Franklin goes to France in hopes of creating an alliance that will provide both. He charms the French, but fails to…
The World Turned Upside Down
The British hope to exploit the contradictions posed in the South by slavery and also to enlist the support of southerners loyal to the crown. After a series of brutal…
Are We to be a Nation
Peace -- and a burst of creativity -- comes to the United States. A distinctly American culture is about to be born. But governing the world's newest republic is not…

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American Experience: New York
An elegant, lyrical and compelling portrait of the greatest and most complex of cities. This definitive series chronicles the history of New York from its founding in 1624 as a Dutch trading post to its continuing pre-eminence as the cultural and economic capital of the world.
Triangle Fire - A Deadly Factory Accident in New York
Part of the Series: American Experience
It was the deadliest workplace accident in New York City's history. A dropped match on the 8th floor of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory sparked a fire that killed over a hundred innocent people trapped inside. The private industry of the American factory would never be the same.
The Center of the World: Part 2
Part of the Series: American Experience: New York
In this episode, we see the story behind the rise and fall of the World Trade Center.
Fire Wars
Part of the Series: NOVA
Horrific images of wildfires sweeping California in 2010 made headlines around the world, but such scenes are an annual event, and armies of firefighters remain on hand to save threatened wilderness and communities. Fire Wars follows the men and women of the Arrowhead Hotshots as they tackle blazes during the…
Lost in the Grand Canyon
Part of the Series: American Experience
In the spring of 1869, a thirty-five-year-old, one-armed Civil War veteran and self-taught scientist led an expedition down the Colorado River into the last uncharted territory in the United States. Ninety-nine days later, John Wesley Powell emerged from the Grand Canyon after one of the most daring journeys in American…
Secrets of the Dead - Ben Franklin's Bones
When skeletal remains of at least 10 people, including several infants, turned up in the basement of Benjamin Franklin's British residence, people wondered if the Founding Father might have had a much darker side, as the bones had been meticulously cut and drilled. Franklin was aware of the bodies in…
The Bomb
THE BOMB explores how what started as simple scientific curiosity ultimately resulted in a weapon capable of ending civilization. The invention, says historian Richard Rhodes, "Was a millennial change in human history: for the first time, we were now capable of our own destruction, as a species." The program recounts…
Are We to be a Nation
Part of the Series: Liberty!
Peace -- and a burst of creativity -- comes to the United States. A distinctly American culture is about to be born. But governing the world's newest republic is not easy. Congress is ineffectual. Individual states act like sovereign nations. By the time the Constitutional Convention convenes in 1787, many…
The Country and the City - 1609-1825
Part of the Series: American Experience: New York
The series begins by identifying the key themes that shaped New York's history: commerce and capitalism, diversity and democracy, transformation and creativity. The episode charts the development of the city founded by the Dutch as a purely commercial enterprise, first as New Amsterdam, a freewheeling enclave of trade and opportunity;…
Order and Disorder - 1825-1865
Part of the Series: American Experience: New York
Already established as America's premier port, New York City swelled into the nation's greatest industrial metropolis as a massive wave of German and Irish immigration turned the city into one of the world's most complex urban environments, bringing with it a host of new social problems. Episode Two reveals how…
Sunshine and Shadow - 1865-1898
Part of the Series: American Experience: New York
Now the spotlight shines on the growth, glamour and grief of New York during America's giddy postwar "Gilded Age." Exploring the incomparable wealth of the robber barons and the unabashed corruption of political leaders, such as Tammany Hall boss William M. Tweed, the episode examines the era when the expansion…
The Power and the People - 1898-1918
Part of the Series: American Experience: New York
As New York spilled into the new century, the extraordinary interplay of capitalism, democracy and transformation surged to a climax. During a single generation, over 10 million immigrants arrived in New York. The city itself became an even more dramatic lure with the construction of the first subways and skyscrapers.…