The Design of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library, South Mountain Community Library, & Seattle Central Library
Part of the Series: Cool Spaces

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Awesome show.

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Cool Spaces - Unique Architecture in the United States
This series profiles the most provocative and innovative public space architecture in North America. Each hour-long episode is organized around a central theme--Performance Spaces, Libraries, Art Spaces, and Healing Spaces--and profiles three buildings. For each building, we see why it was designed, how it was designed, and discover just what…
Robert A.M. Stern - 15 Central Park West and the History of the New York Apartment House
Even during the Great Recession of 2008, one new apartment house in New York City continued to set the bar for real-estate prices: 15 Central Park West. Designed by Robert A. M. Stern Architects, the lavish, limestone-clad structure from 61st to 62nd streets is arguably one of the most luxurious…
Creating Community: Lafayette Park
The community of Lafayette Park in downtown Detroit, built in the late 1950s and early 1960s, demonstrates a workable solution for urban sprawl. This highly livable neighborhood was planned and built by former Bauhaus architect Mies van der Rohe and regional planner Ludwig Hilberseimer, and landscaped by their colleague, Alfred…
Chichester Theological College
The building by Ahrends, Burton and Koralek in Chichester, England, is analyzed using live action, diagrams and animation, with particular reference to local and aesthetic, spatial and functional considerations. The second part of the program comprises a discussion between the presenter and the three architects. '...a lot of good information…
The Cottage Industry
Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 1999
Alvin Toffler was right. The "third wave" is upon us and cottage industries have sprung up all over. We first travel to the wool towns of West Yorkshire, England where cottage industries began. Then we'll find out how today's architects are designing spaces for a work-at-home society starting with a…
An Affirmation of Life
The Japanese-Canadian architect Raymond Moriyama is the creator of major, outstandingly individual buildings. An Affirmation of Life takes us into the serene, sweeping spaces of his administrative center in Ontario, and, most dramatically, into the Science North Center at Sudbury - a building structured like a snowflake spanning a huge…
Studio Gang Architects: Aqua Tower
Chicago is famous for its role in fostering modern architecture, owing to the legacy of Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 1900s, and Mies van der Rohe in the mid-20th Century. Jeanne Gang, founder of Studio Gang, gave the epithet "Chicago School" a new meaning. Gang, who…
Influence Of The Water
Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2004
An unique look at a new wave in living: the houseboat and homes that resemble a boat. #1. Architect Fred Bassetti's boathouse, close to where "Sleepless in Seattle" was filmed. #2. A look at a spectrum of boathouse designs at Canoe Pass, a floating community near Vancouver. #3. A retirement…
Recycling City Space
Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 1999
As urban land becomes scarcer and more expensive, buildings and spaces previously overlooked are being recycled for housing. We look at how unusual sites in the inner city are being reclaimed and re-used. We find a unique loft in London, England, reclaimed space in Montreal, and a Vancouver industrial site…
Rethinking the Apartment
Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2007
With new innovative designs, including 2-storey units, the reinvented high-rise is changing the face of cities.
  • The Glassworks, by architect Barry J. Hobin, is a loft-style condominium containing 31 units in a prime Ottawa location.
  • MVRDV designed the Silodam, which uses modern materials and spaces to create…
  • High Density Living
    Part of the Series: Homes by Design - 2007
    Architects are drawing people back to city centres by creating high-density residential space on previously industrial land.
  • Architect James Cheng's Denia combines apartment living with town-homes, retail and green space to create a community for its residents in downtown Vancouver.
  • Architect Peter Clewes's Tip Top Lofts stayed…
  • Peter Eisenman - University of Phoenix Stadium for the Arizona Cardinals
    Seminal theoretician and influential architect, Peter Eisenman is also an irrepressible sports fanatic. In this revealing look into his design for an iconic new home for the Arizona Cardinals football team, Eisenman takes us on a tour of the stadium that represents the culmination of nearly a decade of his…