Life, Deferred (Vida Diferida)
The Uncertainties Haunting Undocumented Youth and Their Families

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This film is very personal for me. Vanessa was one of my 6th grade math students. She is an amazing person who has so much to give. We have a moral and ethical obligation to Vanessa and Dreamers like her. The Obama administration made a promise that we all must fight to keep!

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This is a critical film on a topic of noteworthy importance during this disquieting moment of political challenges and the current administration. The film maker does an extraordinary job of presenting the very human side of a generation of young Americans, via the lens of young Vanessa, ...Read more

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Thank you so much for providing a public, accessible space for this film in Santa Cruz. This presentation at the Downtown Public Library was an incredible opportunity to have members of the community engage with one another on a topic that can be contentious yet necessary to discuss these ...Read more

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We had the honor of viewing Vida Diferida in my Film 10 class during Fall Quarter 2017 at UCSC’s Film & Digital Media Department. Brenda’s powerfully moving film had a profound impact on our students – as did her in-depth, insightful and instructive Q&A session afterwards. The ...Read more

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Thank you for your kind words and for the invitation to UCSC. It was incredibly powerful to see students engaged with this story at a personal level, as peers and as storytellers. I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk frankly about ethics, best practices, joys and challenges of ...Read more

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Vida Diferida begun as a yearly, end-of-the year compilation for a non-profit working with a large population of immigrant families. I was a Heritage Spanish teacher at the middle school where Vanessa, the protagonist, attended. Each passing year, I was in charge of putting together a video ...Read more

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The fight continues for undocumented immigrants in America. Vanessa's story is a great reminder of the personal stories behind all the news and politics.

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Thank you for your comment. Happy to know that Vanessa's story resonated beyond politics and media and that you were able to connect at a personal level.

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