Life on Earth
The Secrets of Evolution
Part of the Series: Attenborough

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Can't help but be amazed every time I watch a documentary on evolution. Plus David Attenborough is awesome :)

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The Trials of Life - Capturing Behaviour
Part of the Series: Attenborough
In The Trials of Life: Capturing Behaviour, Attenborough turns to his long-running, landmark Life series to show how remarkable advancements in wildlife filming techniques have transformed our perception of the animal kingdom. Aerial filming revealed the unique hunt strategy of hunting dogs, sped-up time-lapse photography revealed that plants have a…
The Living Planet - Our Fragile World
Part of the Series: Attenborough
The final episode, The Living Planet: Our Fragile World, explores the threats now facing the natural world. Travelling back to the locations of his early series, Attenborough demonstrates the degree to which the wild world has shrunk in only a few decades. But he also reveals how much public attitudes…
Impossible Feats
It is said that fleas can jump the equivalent to us leaping over St Paul's Cathedral and it is famously quoted that cheetahs can run at speeds of 70mph. But are these claims really true? The discovery of the world most elastic natural protein in insects and the development of…
Curious Minds
Orangutans are clever tool users but strangely such skills remained undiscovered for centuries. They were considered as just clever mimics until discovery in remote Sumatran swamps revealed their true potential. Crows are clever birds that can solve problems and they too make surprisingly sophisticated tools. How have the curious minds…
Expandable Bodies
The bodies of some animals stretch and shrink in extraordinary ways. The anaconda can swallow prey twice its own body size and then go for over a year without eating. The camel's curious hump can almost double in weight, giving it the energy to travel huge distances across deserts. What…
Curious Feeders
The blue whale and the flamingo both have bodies determined by their diet. Blue whales grow enormous by feeding on tiny shrimp-like creatures, while flamingos spend their lives eating with their heads upside down. Both are oddities in their own groups and yet both are curiously similar.
Curious Cures
Humans are not alone in using medicines against injuries and infection. Some animals protect themselves with natural remedies in the most extraordinary ways. Hippos produce a blood-red "sweat" that acts as a sunblock and helps fight infections, while capuchin monkeys rub themselves with insect-repellent leaves to protect against insect bites.
Remarkable Regeneration
Salamanders can regenerate entire legs and tails to replace ones they have lost, while deer shed their massive antlers and re-grow them from a few remaining cells each year. How do these creatures regenerate entire body parts and why is it not possible for all animals to do the same?
Cracking Your Genetic Code
Part of the Series: NOVA
What will it mean when most of us can afford to have the information in our DNA--all three billion chemical letters of it--read, stored, and available for analysis? Cracking Your Genetic Code reveals that we stand on the verge of such a revolution.
Genes and Identity
Episode 15 of Redefining Reality
The mechanism that drives evolution was not discovered until long after Darwin's death. Follow the clues that led researchers first to the cell nucleus, then to chromosomes and genes, and finally to the DNA molecule as the agent of heredity. Close by weighing the role of genetics in determining human…
Genetic Engineering
Episode 31 of Redefining Reality
Explore the history of genetic engineering, which has roots in the imaginary hybrid creatures of ancient myth. Learn how real hybrids can be made by splicing genes for desired traits into the genome of an organism. Then discover how this brave new technology is being used.
Superlife: Genetic Manipulation
Designing Life. Man has been doing it for over 10,000 years. You may not be aware of it, but we are surrounded by "Superlife," life-forms manipulated by Man. Superlife looks at the stories of how these super organisms came to permeate our planet, and how the latest science is pushing…