Life Off Grid
A Film About Disconnecting

Life Off Grid - A Film About Disconnecting
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Great ! full of knowledge.

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This documentary is very inspiring. However, I cannot help but think how inefficient living solo, off-the-grid is. What if we could bring these self-sufficient ideas and ways back to the shared economy of resources in a city? The city is a powerful construct for sharing resources. By ...Read more

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Gregory you are so correct. I live off the grid by choice and it's actually easy and fun.
No one visiting would know that I am not hooked up
Paul in Napa, CA

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I would love to see a documentary on your place :) My wife an I are pretty low-resource usage, but not quite off-the-grid. Very inspiring.

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It was a great Doc! Personally, it resonated with some of the values I have, however, I also enjoyed them touching on both the good and the honestly not so good of trying to live off the grid. Since I too agree that many people who would try, would do it out of a fantasy rather than try to ...Read more

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Excellent! Though not easy, I would opt for this lifestyle (need a willing partner). Watching it, I am fully aware about the degree to which we take things for granted. The comment about knowing exactly where our water comes from etc. inspires reflection. I hope that many people watch ...Read more

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Thought-provoking, intelligent, and very enjoyable for me - would love to live in such a community, in this beautiful country. More power to them!

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The end of the documentary summed it all really well. Living off the grid is a luxury and NOT a solution to save this planet's ecosystems. It offers an option for people who are willing to work hard for themselves to survive independently, trading one lifestyle for another, but most people ...Read more

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I wish the film maker had done more extensive interviews with the women living off the grid and placed more of a spotlight on their experiences. He wondered whether women might have a different experience than men and then posed that question to only men! The doc would also have benefited ...Read more

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Excellent points, I agree!

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A must-see for all in today's world. It brings forth truths about life on the planet, sustainable or not. It also tells that it's not easy, it is a rather costly proposition.
Yes, once it is all set up and working then maybe you don't have to go to a regular job, but instead you work ...Read more

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Great doc. It was a great gift to find myself in the astounding beauty of these places. Intelligent and thoughtful commentary.

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The interviews made me wonder in the case of each couple who had been responsible for the decision to go off grid – whether it was the wife and the husband just came along or the husband and the wife came along. I suspect the latter, since the women, with one or two notable exceptions, give ...Read more

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Wonderful piece of work and plenty of food for further thought. The sheer spectrum of people interviewed and their various approaches undertaken to life off the grid was diverse, as was their political, social and ideological motivations. Utterly agree though, would've liked to hear more ...Read more

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Thinking the same thing.

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There's something fascinating about people living off grid. Great documentary!

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Good subject to see ,,,beautiful music and audio...just wish those wives would speak more. Off the Grid thank you.

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Thinking the same thing.

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Interesting observation, I was thinking the exact same thing.

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