Living with PTSD

Living with PTSD
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Living with PTSD - Recognition
In this "Speaking from Experience" clip, the participants talk about the events that occurred and the symptoms that they experienced leading up to their diagnosis of PTSD.
Living with PTSD - Disclosure
In this "Speaking from Experience" clip, the participants share their thoughts about telling other people they have PTSD and the reactions they have received.
Living with PTSD - Overcoming challenges
In this "Speaking from Experience" clip, the participants talk about the different challenges they have faced due to having PTSD and their strategies for overcoming them
Living with PTSD - Management
In this "Speaking from Experience" clip, the participants share the techniques and activities that have worked for them in managing their PTSD.
Living with PTSD - Social support & community
In this "Speaking from Experience" clip, the participants talk about the ways and places that they find the support and stability they need for their recovery from PTSD.
Living with PTSD - Empowerment
In this "Speaking from Experience" clip, the participants discuss the different things they have done to reclaim their sense of empowerment.
Living with PTSD - Words of wisdom
In this "Speaking from Experience" clip, the participants share the wisdom of their experience and words of advice about accempting and living with a diagnosis of PTSD.

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