Living With Schizophrenia (Asia)

Living With Schizophrenia (Asia)
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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can affect many different people, from survivors of rape and survivors of natural disasters to military service men and women. Experiencing traumatic events can change the way our brains function. Especially with severe or repeated exposure, the brain can be affected in such a way that…
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Depression affects around 6% of us every year. Depression has a significant impact on the way someone feels, causing a persistent 'low' mood which can have a serious affect on their ability to carry on their everyday . Depression is treatable. After diagnosis by a doctor, the most effective treatment…
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This playlist consists of a client centred approach that considers the person to be the expert and assist to identify strengths, goals and is a platform for difficult conversations.
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A series of case-based counselling sessions between counsellor and patients suffering or recovering from substance abuse. The series is particularly popular for social work and psychology courses looking to incorporate some patient scenarios into the classroom curriculum.
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A video from ECU's archive of documentaries and teaching films. Demonstration and lecture, by Rosemary Oddy, of appropriate techniques to use to promote the mobility of people with Dementia. Producer: David Crewes
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HIV is a virus, which attacks the immune system. Most HIV positive people eventually develop AIDS, a collection of diseases and opportunistic infections. Currently there is no cure, but combination drug therapies help combat HIV and have shown to delay progression to AIDS. These Speaking from Experience vide
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