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The Lobster
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There is nothing interesting or artistic about people being this painfully and stupidly awkward. The film tries wayyy too hard in all of its quiet utterances. Vapid - the money would have been far better spent on world hunger.

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Mei Mei

It's ok. It was very engrossing for me up until halfway. It was fun to think about for a couple of days after but I will not rewatch

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I kept watching it, waiting for it to make sense. I realize that the film industry is running out of fresh ideas, but this doesn't get out of the gate. Someone is going to have to explain why it's well reviewed.

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I thought this was fantastic, but apparently it's not for everyone. It's a really wry and somewhat bitter commentary on society, and the dating/single culture we live in, and I think the questions about love it brings up are fascinating. The characters are part of their world, and that's why ...Read more

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Opening sequence tooooo long. Then she gets out and shoots an animal. I'm outta here after about one minute.

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Pointless and depressingly painful to watch - I didn't make it to the end - fast forwarded looking for- ..something to click.. not at all funny just disturbing and I'm left wondering why they bothered - the movie seems to be lost as to where they were trying to go with all of this. I imagine ...Read more

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Mandatory love;
creature comforts; loneliness:
all options are dark.

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what a waste of time

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Could pull nothing of value out of this movie no matter how hard I tried!

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There is a very subtle genius at play here in the field of loner romance. A leading tug on your heart if you can enjoy the little things in this film. There is a husking of mediocre opinions on love, and a stumble through the bramble patch and horror of what we torment ourselves with in the ...Read more

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This is a completely underscored absurdist romantic comedy. It makes absolute no sense but is so underplayed it also makes perfect sense. Considering the story, it could've been completely off-the-wall bonkers, but instead was more like throwing a jar of jelly against the wall and watching it ...Read more

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Z Elaine

This is a like-it-or-hate-it kind of movie. As for me, I loved it. This is not a movie for those who are looking for fastpaced story-throwing that bombard the senses. The deliberate delays and slow storytelling coupled with awkwardness is darkly funny yet at the same time intensely ...Read more

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Mary Ann

A disgusting film - winning awards for what? Perverse - human & animal killing taken lightly - guess the English accent is supposed to make it all ok. Big "0" - waste of time.

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Sharing from my LetterBoxd review -

I wouldn't say I understand it, but I certainly enjoy Lanthimos' almost avante-garde approach to dialogue. Collin Farrell pulls it off.

The first act was hysterical. The duet between the hotel manager and the doctor during the ball/party ...Read more

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I must admit that I barely ever heard the term "dystopian", or even knew what it meant, but after watching this film I sure as heck know now. The movie starts out mildly amusing, in a black humor sort of way, and just gets weirder, and weirder, and eventually so weird, I don't understand the ...Read more

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The Lobster isn't for everyone and is a slow, at times painful dystopian tale, but for someone looking for a beautiful piece with a very well-written original story, this is an important film to watch.

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This movie was 10 different kinds of weird. But I couldn't look away. Did a great job of creating tension. I actually cared about the outcome of the characters. Certainly a very unique film.

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It’s good, albeit dark and weird. Both Colin Ferrell and Rachel Weisz do a wonderful job. Surreal, gallows humor. Definitely not for everyone.

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Warning: This is an edited version.

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This was a wonderful film.

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Totally stupid. Lots of other ways the story could have been told more artfully. Waste of time.

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Not bad. Better than I expected.

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Vicious cruelty masquerading as social commentary. Don't get tricked into thinking there is anything funny about this "comedy".

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nothing funny about it dull and painful to watch & i quit 1/4 way in.depressingly bad twisted

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Frank Sherman

This movie is like if you took a fr*cking episode of the twilight zone and had like someone crazy direct it. And the sound. I've never sene anything like this in my life.

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I liked it. Took a bit to get into the vibe. Odd, funny and yes, disturbing. Not for those who want everything in neat little boxes.

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Utterly moronic. Wincingly earnest and stupid at the same time. Phony, arbitrary - built on one dimensional, sadomasochistic hierarchies usually reserved for the worst sci-fi. Internal logic? How the **** can an internal logic be the critique of an external reality, when the author presumes ...Read more

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Could not agree more. Just watched and after reading dumbfoundingly positive reviews from A.O. Scott and Ebert, it's refreshing that I'm not the only one who found this to be ham-handed hackery. Some nice moments, and great scenery, but overall fail.

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A dystopia where the most chilling aspects are the ones drawn from the most banal features of contemporary life--bland architecture, casual consumerism, rote relationships. Based on an absurd premise but true to its internal logic--relentlessly so. Not all the laugh lines land and it's hard ...Read more

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Borders on insult to intelligence.

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I recognize that this is supposed to be a social commentary of some kind and a parody, but it is a bad one, and not at all profound or intelligent. I started double-tabbing halfway through this unbelievably long film. There was not one laugh. It's sort of watered-down Lars Von Trier. For a ...Read more

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One of my favorite movies of recent years. Yes, it is dark, but this film is one of the most creative, original films I've seen in a very long time. Incredible performances from the entire cast, and an amazing script.

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I agree! No one else is making movies like this. Really great to see Colin Farrell in this role as well.

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ok i honestly tried but lol nope

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Can't recommend this movie. Very dark. Not enough comedy to deserve the dark-comedy label.

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I thought it was a comedy. Boy was I wrong. Painful, dark and in these times, I wish I had chosen something more upbeat. Can't say I would recommend it.

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Simply put, the film is hardly brilliant, but definitely painful to watch.

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This film is a brilliant work of art but painful to watch.

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