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or you can see the movie for its art.

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This Lolita is wholly unlikeable, even sociopathic. It makes it impossible for me to understand the attraction (age aside). Her obnoxiousness illustrates the depth of the abuser's pathology. You have to be sick to put up with that. I am glad to see that this film does not glamorize or ...Read more

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The Lolita of the novel isn't that likable, either. Humbert is blinded by his obsession for her and the memory of his lost teenage love. He describes her with flowery language but when you step away you can see that she's a pretty ordinary pre-teen and not all that special, really. ...Read more

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well not to state the obvious, but beauty is what men like about women, shes young and good to lok at

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Shallow, insecure people (men and women) chase beauty as if owning it somehow reflects well on them. I would rather be with an ugly man with a beautiful soul, than some vapid stud who uses more hairspray than I do. So, not to state the obvious, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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The novel was about hebephilia. Neither film version shows this,

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This Lolita falls within the range for hebophilia.

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Very intense and at times openly erotic. Never seen Dominique Swain before. I read that she was given the part while still a sophomore in high school and so must have been the exact age as the character, Lolita or Dolores. Very seductive and sexy scenes made realistic by her. Her acting is so ...Read more

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This is the 3rd R-rated movie that I have ever watched by my own free will. The first one was Fast Food Nation, based on the nonfiction book of the same name. The second one was Passion of the Christ. This is the 3rd one.

I can really see the unreliable narrator side. Seriously, what ...Read more

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I never noticed the Illuminati reference (at Quilty's house.) Incredibly disturbing but brilliantly portrayed. Obvious to everyone, but no one said a word... Haunting and all to real

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Incredible and terribly misunderstood film, dodged left and right much like its predecessors due to its subject... while strangely a film like American Beauty was quite a success--is that because it was released a little later? Is it because American Beauty takes place in the time it was ...Read more

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Cooking math

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OMG How did they film Lolita?
Stanley Kubrick made a original version in the 60's and that was the tag line.
Book is better than the movie, Nabakov is a great writer and an expert Lepidoptera, glad we had to read the book for English at RTA Ryerson.

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great movie

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Very difficult to watch...

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Did you get to the part before Humbert went to Quilty's house? That was powerful.

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Yes. Very. I made it through the entire film but it was not always pleasant.

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