Under the Milky Way
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Incredible and terribly misunderstood film, dodged left and right much like its predecessors due to its subject... while strangely a film like American Beauty was quite a success--is that because it was released a little later? Is it because American Beauty takes place in the time it was ...Read more

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Cooking math

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OMG How did they film Lolita?
Stanley Kubrick made a original version in the 60's and that was the tag line.
Book is better than the movie, Nabakov is a great writer and an expert Lepidoptera, glad we had to read the book for English at RTA Ryerson.

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great movie

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Very difficult to watch...

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Did you get to the part before Humbert went to Quilty's house? That was powerful.

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Yes. Very. I made it through the entire film but it was not always pleasant.

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