London In The Raw

Kino Lorber Edu
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Casting About - The Process of Casting Actors
CASTING ABOUT is a lyrical documentary that illuminates the grit, mystery and raw emotion behind the process of casting actors. Shot from the filmmaker's point of view, the viewer encounters many of the 350 diverse actresses who test for a trio of roles in a dramatic film, in auditions held…
A Wink and a Smile
An intoxicating mix of private yearnings and public spectacle, A Wink and a Smile follows ten "ordinary" women who do something extraordinary - learn the art of burlesque dancing and striptease. As captured in this revealing and acclaimed documentary, a homemaker, a doctor, an opera singer, a taxidermist, a college…
Physics Demonstrations in Mechanics: Part VI
Concepts Covered:
  • Conservation of Momentum: Strobe Analysis of Two-Dimensional Collisions
  • Motion of Center of Mass: Rigid and Non-Rigid Bodies
  • Work and Energy: Work Performed by Falling Mass (High Speed Film)
  • Work and Energy: Quantitative Analysis of Bow & Arrow System
  • Rotational Dynamics: Behavior of a Gyroscope
  • Physics Teasers /…
The Holy Body Tattoo
Part of the Series: Freedom
Based on the West Coast, this internationally acclaimed company is comprised of two dynamic choreographer/performers - Dana Gingras and Noam Gagnon. The imagery they cast is gothic, mixed with classical dance choreography against a multi-media backdrop. Their performances are highly charged, physically challenging, and sexually raw, with a style that…
William Young
Part of the Series: Freedom
William Yong's impressive resume includes life as a pop star in Hong Kong and a residency at London's famous Contemporary Dance School. Yong's enthusiasm for dance is evident in his creations, where broad gestures and dance have familiar tones recalling classic Hollywood musicals. In his spare time, Yong practices the…
Faberge & Faraone
Part of the Series: Masters of Jewellery Collection
Primitive London
An outrageous jolt of British exploitation, PRIMITIVE LONDON (1965) is an expose of the hidden desires and bizarre vices that percolate behind the exterior of English life. Beginning with the graphic birth of a baby, director Arnold Miller sketches out the options for a child in the new England. So…
Antoinette Halloran (Soprano) & John Pringle (Tenor)
Part of the Series: Masters of Music Collection
Antoinette Halloran Antoinette Halloran is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and has an Honours Degree in Music from the University of Melbourne. Since graduating, Antoinette has appeared in many productions ranging from opera to musical theatre and cabaret. Music theatre highlights include roles in The Phantom…
Created by award-winning choreographer and dance film maker Sue Healey, with music by New Zealand jazz legend Mike Nock, Virtuosi is a feature length documentary about the drive to be an artist and the special nature of virtuosity in dance. Through exhilarating dance and stories from the heart, Virtuosi reveals…
Man Without Pigs
John Waiko is the first Papua New Guinean to reach the status of professor. After receiving his doctorate from the Australian National University he traveled back to his home village of Tabara to celebrate the achievement with his own people of the Binandere clan. although John has a history of…
"A harrowing and disturbingly funny parable for the dawn of the 21st century." - New York Times The Royal Shakespeare Company's Macbeth has been lauded as the finest production of Shakespeare's Scottish play for over a quarter of a century. In 2000, it played to packed houses in Stratford, London,…
Mighty Uke - The Amazing Comeback of a Musical Underdog
From the Redwoods of California through the gritty streets of New York, from swinging London through Tokyo's highrise canyons to Hawaii, ukers tell the story of the people's instrument. In MIGHTY UKE, we discover why so many people of different nations, cultures, ages, and musical tastes are turning to the…