Long Childhood
Part of the Series: The Ascent of Man

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Drive for Power
Part of the Series: The Ascent of Man
Dr. Bronowiski covers the industrial and political revolutions of the 18th century. During this time, forces of nature were harnessed and the basics of political power shifted. Bronowski argues that in man's progress, the Industrial Revolution was a step forward as significant as the Renaissance.
World Within World
Part of the Series: The Ascent of Man
In the vaults of ancient Polish salt mines Dr. Bronowski embarks on a journey to the hidden world inside the atom. He traces the history of the men and the ideas that made 20th century physics the greatest achievement of the human imagination.
Generation Upon Generation
Part of the Series: The Ascent of Man
Math and physics brought revolution to man's ideas of life. From Mendel's work to discoveries of today, Dr. Bronowski unravels the complex code of human inheritance. Sex is discussed as an instrument of evolution that makes every human unique yet breeds care between individuals.
Music of the Spheres
Part of the Series: The Ascent of Man
This episode covers the evolution of math. Pythagoras, father of Greek math, considered numbers the language of nature. Here, we follow the spread of Greek ideas through the Islamic Empire to Moorish Spain and Renaissance Europe, ultimately exploring the alliance of math to music, astronomy, and painting.
Lower Than Angels
Part of the Series: The Ascent of Man
This BAFTA Award nominated series examines the intellectual, cultural, and scientific breakthroughs in man's four-million-year evolution. This first episode - and the series as a whole - explores the importance of new ideas, paying particular attention to how they transcend other historical events in their cumulative, irreversible effects.
Starry Messenger
Part of the Series: The Ascent of Man
Next, Dr. Bronowiski studies man's attempts to map the forces which move the planets. The static nature of South American astronomy is contrasted with ideas of Renaissance Europe. This episode traces the origins of the scientific revolution in the conflict between truth and dogma, symbolized by the trial of Galileo.
Harvest of the Seasons
Part of the Series: The Ascent of Man
Episode two examines the long spring following the Ice Ages. In this time, man develops agriculture and domesticates animals, imposing his will on wild wheat and horses. With the Neolithic cultivators come the mounted Nomads, the predators, and the roots of human warfare.
The Ascent of Man - A Survey of the Scientific Discoveries and Achievements of Humankind
An American Film Festival Award winner, this 13 volume series attempts a massive survey of science, from flint tools to the theory of relativity. The series, a co-production of the BBC and Time-Life Films was made as a science counterpart to "Civilization". It is given superb technical support, with two…
Knowledge or Certainty
Part of the Series: The Ascent of Man
In this episode, Dr. Bronowski's shares his statement on information and the responsibility and moral dilemma presented to scientists. The principle of certainty in physics applies to all knowledge, and as such Bronowski examines the implications of bombing Japan among other dilemmas. Finally, he contrasts the humanist tradition of Gottingen…
Ladder of Creation
Part of the Series: The Ascent of Man
From the countryside of Wales to the jungles of the Amazon, this episode follows the stories of Alfred Russell Wallace and Charles Darwin who had the same idea simultaneously - evolution by natural selection. Their ideas helped others to probe the nature and origins of life.
Grain in the Stone
Part of the Series: The Ascent of Man
Man splits a stone and reassembles the pieces to build a wall, a cathedral, a city. This episode is about man, the architect, builder, and sculptor.
Legacy of Ancient Civilizations
Voyage back in time to the world of six ancient peoples whose contributions to art, culture, and literature had a great effect on civilization. These are the Minoans, the Mycenaeans, Ancient Arabia, the Phoenicians, and the inhabitants of Thera and Troy. Discover their legendary past from the Minotaur and the…