The Longing
The Forgotten Jews of South America

The Longing - The Forgotten Jews of South America
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The film is a quality documentary, vis a vis technique. The flaw in this film is that a reform rabbi's conversion is worthless. I feel sorry for the people who sincerely want to convert, and who were misled to believing that a reform rabbi could help them. And it is not like he doesn't know ...Read more

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YES YES YES. PS I am reform, and totally Jewish. My mom is Jewish. My stepdad is a reform rabbi. And I have a two year old son. So I am a Jewish mom... AND HE IS JEWISH. Hahaha. Gosh this is so accurate; you must be reform too?!

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I began this project because of my interest in addressing issues of religious identification among possible descendants of Sephardim living in South America. I wanted to unearth how bits of information about their Jewish identify set into motion a quest to unravel threads of their long-buried ...Read more

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