The Lord of the Flies

The Lord of the Flies
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Reminds me of Twitter.

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my favourite movie that I've seen on here so far

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Not a great acted film as the child actors in it are hit or miss, but a very moving social commentary. Such a shame that the very people who would benefit the most from a viewing never will do so, or the blunt message in it will be completely lost on them.

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Every bit as good as the first time I saw it. I would say that if seen today in the current politics that it would not be see as showing primitivism but most certainly tribalism. The ending reminded me of the original planet of the apes.
Great movie watching experience again,
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This film is in The Criterion Collection for good reason. It examines what happens when society breaks down, how easy society can break down & what society can become if democracy is replaced by a vengeful dictator.
Bizarre opening, strange ending but pretty cool/scary everywhere ...Read more

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@Alan, "not a subtle film, but it was the 1960s so..." Do you really believe 60s cinema lacked subtlety? 60s were a great time for movie, and there was a lot more artistry and subtlety than there is today.

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An early 1960's social commentary that rings true today.

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Ean James

To be honest, as someone who is a fan of film first then the book second, I would skip this one. Awful child actors, with the sole exception of the lead actor, who actually gives a fairly subtle and convincing performance. Piggy is the worst, with his actor feeling like the kid who was picked ...Read more

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