Lost In Paris
Paris pieds nus

Lost In Paris - Paris pieds nus
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Would have preferred this film as a silent....slapstick Is best seen not heard.

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Fun filled film. Say that 3 x fast. A tribute to all the inventive stars that came before. Could've done without the dancing feet, which Chaplin originated.

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Enjoyed this a great deal, more than I thought I would considering dementia is a theme, and my father died from it only a few months before i viewed it. Like all the Gordon-Abel films I've seen, this was charming and funny and so human. Thank you Kanopy for completely spoiling me, I can't ...Read more

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Reminded me of Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy films. Very good.

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Charming and odd...not as polished as a Jeunet (Amelie, Delicatessen) or a Wes Andersen, but worth watching in my opinion. I found Fiona quite endearing

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Tickled my fancy! Endearing, quirky...subtly delightful, light-hearted and touching : )

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A fun and quirky film a'la Wes Anderson.

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I liked Amlie, I didnt particularly like this one.

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I kept waiting for the movie to become funny. Or charming. Instead, it literally bored me to sleep at the (SPOILER ALERT!) dancing feet scene. At that point I just sort of closed my laptop and gave up on this movie. Why waste more time watching some distinctly unattractive actors make ...Read more

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This is a great film, with some incredibly inventive sequences that will have you laughing long after the film has ended. One of the best comedies I've seen in a long time.

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If you like quirky slapstick comedies, this film is for you. The storyline does draw you in!

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Light hearted, sweet and funny gem of a film

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Quirky and a bit ridiculious, but in a fun kind of way :)

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This was terribly stupid. I LOVED their other film called "The Fairy". Same actors/writers. Maybe if I'd watched this first it wouldn't be so enraging, but this one is
just lazy and nonsensical after having watched the other. There are too many mistakes and lapses in logic - the cute ...Read more

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Delightful film.

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just ok....some charming moments,and of course, those wonderful Paris cityscapes

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If you like Amelie, you'll like this one.

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I don't normally like quirky films, but I decided to stick with this and ended up enjoying it. There are many scenes that are just very well done and a pleasure to watch.

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A nice, goofy comedy.

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Tres tres bien ...a lovely, original funny movie that's both offbeat and yet endearing. A rare combination.

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great comedy! Will have to watch more by them

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I love all of their movies, always so wonderfully funny and well choreographed

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Love it! visually beautiful with so much humour. Bravo!

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i love it !

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It is a rare pearl of a movie with many good laughs.

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