Love with the Proper Stranger

Love with the Proper Stranger
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As I am an Italian who immigrated to Canada in the 60s, I can certainly relate to Angie's Italian family. I'm going to give Natalie Wood my highest praise; she is a young Italian woman. I love this movie, and watch it as often as I can. Keep those bells ringing!!

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Very life-like portrayal of 1960's Italian New York City, with all of the stereotypical ethnicity associated with the period (domineering brothers and the highly emotional matronly mother). Wonderful streetscapes of Manhattan where the exceptionally pretty young Natalie Wood must choose ...Read more

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My favorite part in this movie (in addition to Natalie Wood) is the line when McQueen and his blonde bimbo girl-friend are hanging out in their apt. and she says "Are we in love?" and he says "Yeah, you with yourself and me with myself".

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Ugh. Rough sell. Two of my favorites in a very mediocre film.

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Luminous Wood. Great NYC locations, feel.

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A very unusual role for Steve McQueen. Worth it just o see him in this.

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very boring

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I saw this movie first when i was very young; it made a huge impression on me ever after, I have always thought the image of ideal feminine beauty is that of Natalie Wood. I recall best a scene in which she is getting ready for her date w/ Steve McQueen, and she looks absolutely perfect, but ...Read more

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absurd comment from francoise

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Tender, honest movie. Takes a brave look at a very ugly reality. No heroes, no villains. But very human, and even a little funny. A great flick with solid, believable writing.

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A very predictable romantic story.

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