The Love Witch

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There are some really really bad films, so bad that nobody remembers them, where the male hero is surrounded by clueless women. So what happens when you switch genders? No surprise, the result is just as content-free as the original. I hope that nobody will take the "feminist revision" label ...Read more

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Great visual style but not much substance story wise.

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I am such a fan of filmmaking. No disrespect meant. Thank you for allowing me to view the film. It simply just wasn't my cup of tea.

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Am sorry i spent one of my credits on choosing this...gave up after watching 10 mins.

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This had potential and the first 1/3 was good, but it fell apart and was too long. Cut a half hour off and it would be a much better movie.

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I'm not a fan.

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Waste of time.

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hysterically funny! I loved it and all it's woman Anna Biller did so much.....made her dream come true.....I'm 13 years old all over again.

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a movie for young witches really feminist eh.

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this film is such a wonderful, intricate fantasy..while I think the plot meanders a bit, I appreciate the complete immersion in Anna Biller's technicolor world

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Candy-colored shell
to hide bitter herbs: that pain
can a-Wiccan lust.

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What I love about The Love Witch is that it is unapologetically FEMME. Biller not only celebrates but weaponizes many of the symbols of femininity that have historically been brushed off as vapid, frivolous, benign, or vain. Whereas the exploitation films that Love Witch evokes cater to male ...Read more

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Color! Color! Color! Maybe less of a revision of midnight cult films as it is an unapologetic feminist reappropriation of their potency and wild excitement.

Biller spares no opportunity for visual style or affectation because she knows that's how you craft a densely layered ...Read more

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A lush reimagining of 60s/70s era exploitation film! I definitely appreciate the heavy dose of irony and hilarious send-up of traditional gender roles. The visuals are stunning— a veritable Rococo fantasy for feminists. Biller’s handmade costumes and set design (shot on film and lit to ...Read more

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Save yourself!! I have a problem watching terrible films. Theres so many people, money and time invested, I figure there must be a reason.

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Really bad. "Elaine" reminded me of a combination of Kim Kardashian, Cher and a blow up doll. Didn't see any "revisionist" tropes at all.

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