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Unique perspective.

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muy buena y muy realista -

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This movie was very moving. Very touching and heartfelt.

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Sorry to go against popular opinion, but I really didn't like it. It felt cheesy and unrealistic. Also, the woman's life revolves around 3 men and her son, and the only other woman in the film is a nurse--not especially great from a feminist perspective

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Why is the "feminist perspective" needed or relevant? This isn't a documentary. It's a fictional world -- someone's vision, someone's cinematic painting. It owes no one any debt.

In human history, how many women's lives have "revolved around 3 men and her son"? Too many millions to ...Read more

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I agree with you, though I would argue that the men cast in her life take on more feminine traits than other films. For instance, both the gynecologist and Arturo express deep emotions of friendship and affection, towards her and also towards each other. Although I find the feminist critique ...Read more

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Creativo en todos los aspectos. Todos los involucrados merecen un aplausos.

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You've all said it, but I'll say it again: beautiful.

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Well done

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Penelope Cruz is outstanding once again. Beautiful story.

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So many expressions of humanity throughout the entire film. I loved it.

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This is the first movie I have watched since over 2 years of my movie hiatus. Well worth the time. I absolutely love it.

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Penelope Cruz gives an incredible performance and such a wonderful tender film, well worth your time to watch and enjoy this sensitive

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Penelope Cruz does it again! A more beautiful performance I have yet to see.

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Heartfelt and moving.

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A beautiful and inspired performance by Penelope Cruz. Complex and insightful. Thought provoking. I will recommend it to friends.

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Cruz should have been nominated for the best leading actress in Oscar 2015. A simple story with very profound meaning and a lot of its shades.

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Penelope Cruz, once again, shows me why she is my fave actress. She handles this demanding role with finesse and a natural grace. This movie is a real tearjerker but its message of beauty and soulfulness transcends its grief. An inspiring and thoughtful picture.

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Yes, it is.

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it really is

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Penelope Cruz,another outstanding performance!!! Bravo,Bravo!!

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