A Teen's Solo Voyage Around the World

Maidentrip - A Teen's Solo Voyage Around the World
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It would be a really great thing to do, if you knew what you were doing. I think part of her success was because she was so young, and obviously knowledgeable. I identified with her need chart her own path, (or else maybe she might be taken for granted?), and shows how important space is, ...Read more

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I love this film, always wanted to sail, to be on the ocean for weeks/months at a time. So inspiring!

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I would be so scared out there alone.

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It was truly amazing! And the fact that she filmed it by herself is amazing too!

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I am sure Laura was the bravest girl during the sailing. This film must be very challenging to many young people

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Amazing story; great scenery; very inspiring. I really enjoyed this documentary!

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I am from Belgium (next to the Netherlands) and I remember seeing the case on TV in the news. It's great to finally see her do it and to see her story. Great movie! /documentary!

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This is one of my top staff picks. Absolutely amazing that a girl so young could achieve this, traveling around the world for 2 years solo in a small 40 foot yacht facing everything from thunder storms, huge seas and broken masts. The scenery captured is awesome, giving us a glimpse of a part ...Read more

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