Maigret Sets a Trap
Maigret tend un piège

Maigret Sets a Trap - Maigret tend un piège
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I think Gabin, the wonderful actor, outshines the story. Still, well paced & easy viewing.

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Funny, well-paced, engaging.

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John Gregory

Thoroughly enjoyable. Gabin, the great detective. Humble, gritty at times. The heat, the claustraphobia. The aching inability to release, and finally, well, it rains. Bravo!

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Fantastic. Why this is not widely know and praised is beyond me. Jean Gabin is fantastic as always. Lino Ventura in a very small role is an added bonus.

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Excellent! And enjoyable. True, not p.c. by today's standards, but well-acted, gorgeous and with some psychologically raw and racy scenes. More involving and entertaining than I expected. Jean Gabin's performance would hold up in a film today. And his Maigret's wiley interrogative technique ...Read more

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Terrific Maigret. I've seen a more recent version of this same story with other actors, also quite good. However, Jean Gabin and Annie Girardot nail it. Superb!

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The psychological subplot would be politically incorrect today. It implicates a husband for being "gay" a word that used to only mean "funloving" at the time. He was raised as a momma's boy and kept away from a masculanizing father figure, therefore he was "obviously" impotent and crazy, and ...Read more

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Thanks, Charles. I thought I had clicked on the bottom but didn't see the CC icon. Perhaps I'll try again.

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You should- absolutely! It may surprise you. (See my review above.)

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I was looking forward to watching Maigret, especially with Gabin. However, the movie is in French without English subtitles. So I had to give up since I don't speak French. I looked for a way to turn on subtitle, but alas, found none.

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You have to press "Play," then go to the lower right hand corner. Second icon in reads "CC"
Hover your cursor over that, and then double click "captions on." It was a really good movie!

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A good Maigret. Both Jean Gabin (the shrewd inspector) and Jean Desailly (the impotent assassin) are impeccable in their roles.

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