Maine Girls
Teens Bridge Ethnic & Cultural Divides

Maine Girls - Teens Bridge Ethnic & Cultural Divides
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Jeremy avatar

A wonderful short documentary on empathy and understanding. These young women are so inspiring and I wish everyone would take the time to watch this. Zulayqua has such a gentle soul and it breaks my heart to know that she has received hate and been targeted.

Anonymous picture

I really didn't think there would be something still needed like this in American Schools. Very, very different in Australia.

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My bf comes this very white state. His grandmother is biracial. He has nationalist sympathizer friends, but he was happy to see these girls come together to discuss their differences. I was too as a daughter of immigrants. Thank you to the filmmakers.

Minami avatar

All schools need a program like this! This was very inspiring to watch.

Anonymous picture

As a Mainer, I was very proud of these girls. Maine is very, very white and I can only imagine how hard it is for the immigrant children.

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