An Intimate Portrait of a Man Supporting His Family in Congo

Makala - An Intimate Portrait of a Man Supporting His Family in Congo
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Heart wrenching.

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Visually captivating, emotionally wrenching, a film of a few words encapsulating a powerful message and lesson. Appreciate the human spirit, resourcefulness, and will to survive despite adversities and a life of hardship unimaginable as we sit back in comfort and at a distance to watch this ...Read more

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This documentary should be required viewing in high schools across the world. Fantastic reminder of the disparity of human opportunities in our world.

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kay louise

so true, Kathleen. Maybe there'd be less griping/complaining if teens could see how people have to work so hard just to survive! Yes, just the lack of opportunities.
Here was this decent man working SO Hard to make a better life for his family. Having fewer children would be a good ...Read more

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