Making a Difference
Episode 1 of Our Kids

Making a Difference
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Four Communities Tackle the Child Equity Gap
Episode 2 of Our Kids
Children living in fractured homes and poverty can't achieve equally with children who are financially and emotionally secure. Underserved children need extra services to be competitive. Equal is not Equitable. We illustrate this point in Duluth, MN, Boston, MA, Springfield, MO, and Nashville, TN. A grade school offers wrap-around-services including…
Our Kids - Narrowing the Opportunity Gap
A documentary series spotlighting communities examining the issues they face in identifying and addressing the opportunity gap. The series profiles younger generations, their families and their communities examining inter-twining circles of influence: families, parenting, schools, socio/economic status, legal justice and communities that impact today's youth.
I'm Special - Detroit's Education Crisis
Episode 3 of Our Kids
With deteriorating classroom conditions and the worst test scores in the nation, this alarming episode casts its eye on the current educational crisis in Detroit. In this cautionary tale, both public and unregulated charter schools suffer from high teacher turnover, a shortage of up-to-date textbooks, lack of funding and financial…
A Breath of Hope
Episode 4 of Our Kids
Giving hope to the hopeless dominates the stories in Seattle, WA and Columbus, OH. Among those spotlighted are: a program to reform the foster care system, and an organization reuniting children with parents who were incarcerated. Too many poor youth end up in the juvenile justice system. The Echo Glen…
O'Hare Seminar Hosted by Dr. Robert D. Putnam
Episode 5 of Our Kids
A roundtable discussion, led by host Dr. Robert D. Putnam of the Our Kids Series, with leaders from some of the communities featured in the series. A progress report on solving the key issues of the opportunity gap.
Dysfunctional Societies - How Equality Makes Societies Stronger
Part of the Series: MEF Debt & Consumerism Collection
What distinguishing feature do the world's healthiest and happiest societies have in common? According to acclaimed author Richard Wilkinson, the answer is simple: they have far less income inequality than other societies. In this new film based on his international best-seller The Spirit Level, Wilkinson focuses on why the U.S.,…
City Rising - Examining Gentrification and its Historical Roots
Cities across California are booming with investment and opportunity; these dramatic changes are shifting demographics and displacing historically vibrant communities. CITY RISING is a multi-platform documentary series examining gentrification and its historical roots, economic role, and social consequences. CITY RISING illuminates the journey of California's neighborhoods fighting gentrification and advocating…
Cody High - A Life Remodeled Project
Cody High: A Life Remodeled Project focuses on the efforts of Detroit's impoverished Cody Rouge community to remove blight and create a safe environment for students at the local schools, including the hundreds of students who attend Cody High School. In 2014, residents of Cody Rouge, in partnership with Life…
Bonsai People: The Vision of Muhammad Yunus - Using the Free Market to End Poverty, Hunger, and Inequality
What if you could harness the power of the free market to solve the problems of poverty, hunger, and inequality? To some, it sounds impossible. But Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus is doing exactly that. Bonsai People celebrates Yunus' extraordinary humanitarian work, which started by lending $27 to 42…
The First Year - Following Five Young Teachers
Winner of numerous festival awards including the prestigious Peabody, this powerful and moving film is a "must-see" for anyone who is, or has ever thought of, becoming a parent or teacher. The film chronicles the first year of five young teachers as they fight the real fight: educating our children,…
Killing Ed - An Expose of a Charter School Network
What is the Gulen Movement? And why are its members operating the largest chain of tax-payer funded charter schools in the USA? Where is the money going and how is it being used? Produced by an award-winning team of filmmakers, Killing Ed exposes the controversial Gulen Movement's investment into K-12…
The Lord is Not on Trial Here Today - Separation of Church & State in Public Schools
She was called "that awful woman" by her neighbors, and "that atheist mother" by newspapers across the country. Her friends stopped returning phone calls rather than risk speaking with her. She was branded a communist, and the Illinois State Legislature nearly outlawed her and her husband from ever working at…