The Management of Pain

The Management of Pain
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Pain: Embracing Physical Discomfort
Episode 21 of Practicing Mindfulness
The skills of mindfulness offer powerful means to work with physical discomfort of all kinds. Consider the crucial distinction between pain and suffering as it directly affects our perceptions. Then experience two meditations for alleviating physical suffering: first, focusing on observing the exact sensation itself, then, on your response to…
Challenges—Illness and Chronic Pain
How you respond to the illnesses and pain that come with advancing age can lead to drastically different outcomes in your ability to maintain or rebuild your physical health. This episode includes exercises that can reduce pain and improve function.
Yoga and Pain Relief
Consider some key tools used in yoga to address physical pain: attention to breath and sensation, release of chronic muscle contractions, and healthier movement patterns. Practice asanas for each of these pain reduction techniques - including a chest opener, yoga pushup, plank, and staff pose.
Emergency Stress Management
Get a powerful toolkit for dealing with the stress of life-and-death situations while you're still cultivating a long-term approach to stress management. Exercises you'll learn including breathing strategies to stay centered, staying happy in order to regain a sense of self-control, and avoiding the dangerous cognitive distortion of catastrophizing.
Emerging Stress Management Technology
Explore emerging techniques for stress management based upon up-to-date scientific understanding of how stress works. These include biofeedback to better understand and control your physiological response to stress), art therapy (for emotional healing), visualization of desired outcomes, and eye movement desensitization (to work through trauma).
Living with Persistent Pain
For those with chronic pain, the impact can be immense. Science is discovering nerve changes from the tissues, through connections in the spinal cord and ultimately the brain. These changes, commonly referred to as peripheral and central sensitization, means that the pain can be both different in character and intensity.…
Risk Management for the Geriatric Care Manager
Attendees will learn strategies to protect themselves from potential liability while practicing care management. Discover risk factors that may impact their potential liability and learn to proactively limit their liability when providing industry standard care management practices.
Wound Management And Staging Pressure Area
Pressure areas can develop in any setting whether it is acute care, long term care or home health. It becomes a vital part of every health care provider's daily care to know what a pressure area is, how it can happen and how to prevent it. This two part program…
Risk Management For The Health Care Assistant And The Client
Day-to-day routines in health care often involve issues in risk management. This program will provide your assistants with an understanding of their role and responsibility in recognizing, reporting and addressing risks in the different health care settings.
Heart of the Matter
Although medical advances and lifestyle changes have made significant inroads in the fight against coronary heart disease, it is still the number one killer of both men and women in the United States. This program examines the risk factors that, when mitigated or reduced, decrease the possibility of atherosclerosis and…
Booze Less Be Your Best
This entertaining video answers the basic questions about alcohol simply and clearly. It is an ideal discussion starter for alcohol awareness and education programs.
Healthy Eating for Pregnancy
Features Maryanne Fahey and Peter Moon. Discusses healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and positive attitude before and during pregnancy. Explores problems related to smoking, alcohol and drugs.