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The Problem of Nightmare Staff
There are various strategies for dealing with problem staff. Sadhana Smiles provides practical advice: * Understand the person's position * Consider your management style * Reduce emotion & seek input…
Gender Inequality
Sadhana Smiles explains the importance of addressing gender balance: * Businesses benefit from gender balance * Women are under-represented at higher levels * Remuneration inequality impacts lifestyle * The flow-on…
Bullying Even at the Top
Strategies for tackling bullying at the senior levels are essential, says Sadhana Smiles when she covers: * Types of bullying * Is undermining bullying? * Bullying by text & email…
Managing Disruptive Conduct
Gain understanding of the issues and ensure a code of conduct, says Peter Wallbridge: * What is disruptive conduct? * Complaints about colleagues * The HR intervention * Resolving a…
Managing Grievances
Peter Wallbridge outlines steps to ensure grievances are managed well: * Assess seriousness of problem * Dealing with low-level complaints * Managing more serious problems * Start the investigation *…
Skills for Managing Redundancy
Companies change, roles change and some people don't perform. Peter Wallbridge discusses: * Is the redundancy / layoff genuine? * Use flexible employment contracts * Be objective and factual *…
Retrenching and Redeploying People
Manage the challenges and sensitivities effectively. Peter Wallbridge provides useful advice: * The starting point is policy * Clarify the structure & new roles * Preparing for a large scale…
Unfair Dismissal
Peter Wallbridge gives insights about problem areas in unfair dismissals: * What is unfair dismissal? * Why do people claim unfair dismissal? * Investigating unfair dismissal * Thorough documentation *…

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