Manufacturing Consent
Noam Chomsky and the Media

Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the Media
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Truth-seeking has limitations. He still won't talk about 911 Truth or JFK assassination. He is controlled. Claims they're "unimportant." Unbelievable. How could anything be more important in our history? Everything in recent history derives from them. Like Amy Goodman and Howard Zinn. ...Read more

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This has nothing to do with ignoring those issues. This is a documentary from the 1990s, long before Sept 11th happened, so obviously it won't address this.

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Chris, JFK was murdered on 11/22/63. The most public event in US history in the 20th Century, bar none. Isn't that before 9/11/01? His current refusal to address 911 was consistent with his earlier denial of the JFK assassination. It damages his credibly in general. So what are you talking ...Read more

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What is this "9/11 Truth" that you speak of?

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911 Truth? It means the fact that on September 11, 2001, a criminal faction of warlords, con artists and grifters in our government staged the most elaborate extraordinary Big Con to commandeer our government and shred our constitution, in order to stage a covert coup d'etat and wage ...Read more

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Thank you for your comment. I never thought there would be limitations to what he was saying until I started thinking about what you mentioned - the officially approved academic dissidents/tokens. Now I'm sure these people are not obtuse or naive so I was curious as to why they would avoid ...Read more

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In spy language, this is known as "modified limited hangout. The whistleblower telling enough of the truth to convince the public that the entire story has come out, in order to keep them pacified and to deter anyone from wanting to investigate further. And omit the most damning part of the ...Read more

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Wow- so glad to hear you speak out on that. You're right- he (or Zinn, Hedges, Cornell West, etc) is not that obtuse. He is intimidated. It is, as you suggest, pretty mind-bending though. They seem to go about their day thinking they are pretty righteous, clear-thinking dudes. To be fair, if ...Read more

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