Mao's Last Dancer

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Ani - I think you ask too much - your assumptions about America and China are not universal - I thought the movie was very good and a bit of ambiguity is realistic - Chinese culture may not be more authoratarian - but the govt there at that time was. I am sorry I was not aware of this story ...Read more

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Mao's Last Dancer implies many themes and leaves them unanswered. I don't know whether the main actor indeed did decide to defect for love or selfishness. The sequence of events suggests the latter. It also implies that it's a given to pursue career over love and hints at meritocracy where ...Read more

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Interesting, relevant and valid feedback. Thanks for sharing your thoughts which have inspired me to re-watch this (saw it a few years ago now) through a new lens.

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I'm a Bruce Beresford and a ballet fan, so this film was sure to please. A real feel-good movie about the rise of an underdog that has blossomed into being a real audience pleaser. Adapted from the autobiography of Li Cunxin, it's an incredible tale about a young boy plucked out of a remote ...Read more

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