Margot at the Wedding

Margot at the Wedding
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Three stars. I really liked the acting and the realism of the dysfunctional families, with personal demons and troubles from the past. It kept me on my seat throughout the whole story, but it seemed to me the plot got stuck somewhere in the middle of Act II towards the end- but that is my ...Read more

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disappointing. the meyerowitz stories is much better.

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This writer/director excels at getting into the heart of family relationships and opens onto others in their circle of friends, lovers, partners; here, much is left unexplained, dangling, searching. A brave excellent film with incredible acting.

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It's a very well made film about a difficult family dynamic. Can't argue that it is very well done all around, acting, directing and writing.

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Didn't watch to the end. Not worth it.

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Exhausting to watch this disconnected movie.

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Sisterhood - a love like no other, a never-ending jockeying for position, constant comparison of self with the other, shared experiences no one else can truly fathom. A tie that's inescapable even when estranged. Baumbach brings nuance and depth to his depiction, ably assisted by Kidman and ...Read more

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Good question! I thought also was that her purse she dropped on the ground ? hmm
... when she gets to Vermont, her husband will come pay when he picks them up!! Right, the one she told - get lost, it's over !

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Two sisters that are not able to really see the other as a separate person but an extension of themself.

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I shook my head at the end of this pointless movie. Great acting talent portraying dysfunctional family relationships I'd rather not have seen.

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