The Marina Experiment
A Father's Voyeuristic Obsession with his Daughter

The Marina Experiment - A Father's Voyeuristic Obsession with his Daughter
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Marina, I don't know if you will ever see this. I hope so. I was almost afraid to watch this, as I didn't want to watch a porn tape of a young lady. But instead, it was exactly what I thought it would be. A very touching story of your life, and while you might not have known how you were ...Read more

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Dear Tim,
Thank you so much for watching my film and for the lovely review and compliments. That means a lot. Men who watch my film are usually not so sympathetic. My trailer can be misleading, but it exemplifies and amplifies my feelings towards my father. Some people think that I ...Read more

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I am an ordinary person, who just loves films, especially those made by people who also loves films, but not the kind that are made for the cinema. I watch the short kind that they show on youtube, and on kanopy, where often you can find those made by film school students ...Read more

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A disturbing cycle of obsession, her father with her and her obsession with his - her need to watch, listen and catalog everything he recorded.

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I almost couldn't breathe for 18 minutes.

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This is sexual abuse , yet it was not included in the bio. I felt uncomfortable watching this ...almost felt I was watching child porn actually I did not watch it to the end. Then I am pissed that I wasted my free choice on this shit . All those awards on the thumbnail got me though I ...Read more

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this was a really remarkable film. chilling and horrifying and smart and reflective. incredible the damage that some parents are able to do.

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Total waste of 18 minutes.

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I just viewed "The Marina Experiment" for the first time. The words "shocked" and "horrified" and "heartbroken" barely begin to describe my emotional reaction to your story and film. Other reactions would include "Holy Sh!t" and Good God". I'm a librarian and visual artist myself. I ...Read more

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When I discovered my father’s archive, it was too vast to bring into therapy, so I taught myself how to edit short scenes to help my therapist understand my feelings of violation. This is why The Marina Experiment is so candid. Eventually I cut all the scenes into a short film and I showed it ...Read more

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