Marketing, Brand & Reputation Series

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Brand Marketing
Sadhana Smiles says you must ensure your brand reflects the product and service image you require: * Competing brand messages * Memorable brand experience * Creating the brand experience *…
Creating Your Brand Proposition
Ben Walkenhorst says you must understand your brand and ensure it represents the image you want: * The key to marketing & branding * The value proposition * The brand…
Building Brand and Reputation
Maria Deveson-Crabbe shows the importance of building a powerful brand and securing your reputation: * Brand or reputation * Brand case study * Perception of brand * Marketing your brand…
Stakeholder Reputation Research
Maria Deveson-Crabbe encourages business leaders to uncover perceptions so you can build influence: * What is Stakeholder Reputation Research? * What areas are examined? * How does stakeholder research impact…
The Value of Podcasts
Podcasts provide a powerful way to connect with your market. Pete Williams explains: * Why is podcasting popular? * Content marketing * How to make and distribute podcasts * What…
Managing Bad Press
Maria Deveson-Crabbe draws learning from a powerful and tragic case study: * Managing the media * Turning it around * Crisis management strategy

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