The Marketing Series 7
The Marketing Mix: Promotion

The Marketing Series 7 - The Marketing Mix: Promotion
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Introduction To Promotion/Advertising
Why do businesses promote their goods? To sell more, of course - but it's not as simple as that. There are different reasons requiring different solutions: a different "promotional mix".…
Other Parts of the Promotional Mix
In this part we look at the other elements in the promotional mix (apart from advertising, covered in Part 1): including direct marketing (mail, email & social media), public relations,…

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The Marketing Mix At Cadbury's
The film tells how Cadbury launched a new chocolate bar called Fuse. We discover how the marketers locate a gap in the market, and then set about giving their new bar a "personality"- something to distinguish it from other products. Fuse benefits from the Cadbury name - the "masterbrand". To…
Marketing Mix: Product
Key topics explored in this video series include:
  • Value Analysis
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Product Portfolio
  • Boston Matrix
  • Product Differentiation
  • Brand Extension/Product Extension
  • An exploration of what most marketers would regard as the most important element of the Marketing Mix: Product.
Marketing Mix: Price
Key Topics covered in this video include:
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Price & Income
  • Elasticity Of Demand
  • Penetration Pricing
  • Promotional & Premium Pricing
  • Skimming
  • Price Discrimination
Marketing Mix: Product Case Studies
Key Topics covered in this video incluide:
  • Extension Strategies
  • Famous Marketing
  • Failures
  • Long Lives, Short Lives, Reincarnations Masterbrands
The Marketing Series 1: The Internet Revolution
This film explores how technology has driven marketing over the past 50 years, from the golden age of television ads to the internet revolution of today. HISTORY: Marketing has been around from earliest times. But it was the industrial revolution which brought mass consumption, mass production and the mass media.…
Multi-Channel Retailing
Today's consumer has other options to satisfy their needs besides brick and mortar retail operations. Many traditional chains now call themselves multichannel retailers with both on-site and off-site divisions. Both national and regional chains such as Crate & Barrel & Marshall Field are examined to show the benefits of this…
Retailing in Europe
Compares and contrasts retailing in Western Europe with retailing in the United States. Discusses supermarkets, hypermarkets, franchising, apparel retailers, auto dealers, etc. Special topics include social/cultural differences and retail implications of the European Union.
What's Going On In Marketing Research?
Market research is big business, with clients demanding more and better ways of finding out what their customers want. Case studies show how market research is changing and the impact of new technology. CLASSIC DIVISIONS: The internet is now widely used in market research - as are mobile phones and…
Retailing Trends in the New Millennium
Some retailing trends of the new millennium include entertainment-oriented shopping centers, themed environments, supermarket expansion into atypical product mixes, designer and manufacturer retail flagships, and the continuous explosion of "off-site retailing" with E-tailing as its centerpiece. Others include the growth of temporary retail outlets, the escalation of "store is the…
A Retailing Strategy: The Store is the Brand
Traditionally, retailers have carried a plethora of merchandise from many different retailers. However, today, some retailers only carry their own brand. The name on the marquee and the merchandise are one and the same. Popular examples include The Gap, Banana Republic and Benetton. Video visits the flagship Benetton New York…
Value Shopping in America: A Major Force in Retailing
While the 80s were the era of indulgence, the 90s are the era of value shopping. A real growth market in retailing is the off-price segment with chains like T J Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, and Steinmart. Video visits outlet centers across the nation such as Sawgrass Mills and Gurnee…
Marketing a Theme Park
This tells how Alton Towers launched Oblivion, the world's first vertical drop roller-coaster. Alton Towers has been successful in pulling in families, but is losing its thrill-seeking customers. Marketing staff hope Oblivion will change all that. Much of their PS5m marketing budget goes on a TV advert campaign for the…