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Stellar directing, acting, and set design. The introductory scene (the beach scene) could have been omitted, along with any mention of Mr. Ducie. The pacing was fine--better than the pacing in *A Room with a View*, another slow-moving James Ivory film--but the idyllic ambiance throughout ...Read more

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Disturbing and filled with marvelous art direction and history. I have always liked the production qualities of his films, but this one has a certain sobering honesty to it. For in spite of the happy ending, the film quite vividly portrays what had happened to homosexuals back in early 20th ...Read more

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This film was released in 1987, remember that was 32 yrs ago. Also historically covers after WW1, starting 1919 when the main characters were pre-puberty till their adulthood; pre WW2. James Ivory is an iconic film maker. Check his credits. It portrayed the current attitudes in England ...Read more

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Very nice movie, but I wish there was a lot more affection between Maurice and Clive.

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I imagine Maurice wished the same thing, but Clive didn't have it to give, did he? Or he was too much of a coward - take your pick.

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What more might have EM Forester been and written had he not lived when he did?

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I usually watch with captions - marked as 'in foreign language' when speaking in Latin. Dear oh dear.

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The usual Merchant-Ivory opulent settings, and interesting period and social norms as a background for this story.

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While the time period was interesting the film lacked content and was very boring. The only parts I liked were the first 30 minutes and the rest felt like a complete waste. Definitely not a recommended film for LBGT content with so many superior titles out there.

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