Meeting the Needs of Children

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Early Child Care & Education: Meeting the Needs of Children
There are more choices for early child care and education these days than ever before. But an increase in number doesn't always imply an increase in quality. How can parents…
The Child in the Family: Meeting the Needs of Children
A child has a place in the family, but that role has changed over time. Through a series of interviews and video profiles, this program presents the many types of…
Nutrition: Meeting the Needs of Children
Nutrition is important throughout a person's life, beginning in the womb! Our program on Nutrition takes a developmental approach to nutritional requirements for the prenatal, infancy, toddlerhood, preschool, school age,…

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Target Child Technique - The Skills Needed to Carry Out a Target-Child Observation
This film will show you, step-by-step and in detail, how to carry out a target child observation. By observing the techniques demonstrated, you will have the opportunity to quickly grasp the skills needed to carry out this kind of observation effectively in your everyday practice. Initially shown as one continuous…
Technology for Children: A Hands on Approach
A video from ECU's archive of documentaries and teaching films. The program explores three technology activities:Mouse Trap Racers,Electric Beer Can Racers and Water Rockets All projects explored are extensions of common Technology projects and the three technology activities examined, utilise the steps of : 'design', 'make' and 'appraise'. The instructional…
Managing Your Child’s Education
The most important teacher in a student's life: his or her parents. Professor Geisen shows you how to become a true learner, why most learning happens outside the classroom, and how you can adapt to the continually changing landscape of 21st-century education.
Teacher/Child Interaction: Guidance and Discipline
Part of the Series: Guidance and Discipline
At the heart of Teacher/Child Interaction is this simple but heartfelt philosophy: "Teachers must deal with children with humor, compassion and respect." With that in mind, this program illustrates several strategies that teachers can use to help children learn to become more self-disciplined and self-confident. Some topics touched on include:…
Child's Play - How Having Fun Turns Kids Into Adults
Children play their way into adulthood. Learn why play is so important and how it literally "turns kids into adults." Play is the engine that drives child development. Understanding play is key to any unit in child development or parenting education. Explore styles of play, the role of adults, the…
Taking Charge of Homework
Here, Professor Geisen gives students tips for creating the perfect study environment, offers them study techniques that fit with their unique learning style, and demonstrates ways to take truly effective notes.
Developing a Creative Mind
Students take a closer look at play, risk, trust, and other mind-sets needed for creative thinking, as well as practical techniques for brainstorming, using a different viewpoint, and changing their environment.
Thinking Critically
Students turn to the second half of thinking: critical thinking, where they decide what to do with all their ideas. They explore how to evaluate evidence, recognize bias, distance themselves from emotions, use logic and reasoning, and much more.
Diving into Research
The ability to research effectively is a huge factor in students' success. Professor Geisen guides them through the process of pre-searching, searching, evaluating, and organizing. They'll also get tips for working with the wide range of sources available to the 21st-century student.
Writing Well
Whatever kind of learning style students have, all it takes to strengthen and improve their writing is following a series of guidelines and techniques. They'll discover the secrets to choosing powerful words, building effective paragraphs, organizing entire essays, spending the right amount of time drafting and editing their work, and…
Delivering Dynamic Presentations
Develop an opening hook that takes advantage of a startling image or fact. Organize your speech or presentation the way you would organize a research paper. Make sure to use visual aids sparingly but effectively. These are just three of the many strategies students will find here for delivering dynamic…
Taking Control of Tests
In this episode, students find out what it takes to perform at their best when the stakes are high: taking tests. They'll learn how to prepare themselves for various types of tests, focus their studying on what they need to know, combat test anxiety, attack tests with a clear strategy,…