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excellent, Guy Pierce best. the truth does not make the sense you make of it.

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Your classic Christopher Nolan film. Abnormal plot structure but in the end a fairly boring movie.

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On YouTube there’s a video that shows memento in chronological order. Helps to make sense of it

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Interesting and intense. Was there a beginning was there an ending? Or was it like a cat chasing it's tail? When we play with the mind and who done it where does it take any of us? Different processing for the brain? It would nice if it was resolved so that we could rest easy. But is ...Read more

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Wow.. what did I just watch. This is amazing.

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OG nolan... classic

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Frank Sherman

My grandson just asked me if he "mic drop" after this? "If he didn't, who is my god". It really got me going this time. When I fr*cking kick the can, it's gonna be like this. Flashbacks. Who did it? incredible

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I do not like his other films which I find to be overproduced and contrived but this is so clever and original and intriguing and yes droll (including the title) that I'd admire it even if I didn't like it which I do. It's sort of a modern noir replete with b@W flashbacks (though they aren't ...Read more

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This is Christopher Nolan's best movie imo. Wish he would go back to doing lower budget stuff like this.

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this is a terrible movie. It would be good to watch if the ending made any vague attempt of wrapping things up and finding a conclusion. Its like, if I have to go on-line and google what the movie was about at the end, you know the director didn't do their job. I would have to really use my ...Read more

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Friend, you actually complained about feeling compelled to use your imagination. I am sorry that this was a bad choice for you--I don't think anyone likes feeling like their time was wasted. Nonetheless, there's more out there than is offered on a spoon: I encourage you to find films that ...Read more

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The phone gets me every time!

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This is the film that put Christopher Nolan on the map, and what an intriguing movie it is. Coincidentally, a friend and I just re-watched it the other day. He and his brother Jonathan (who wrote the story; Christopher wrote the screenplay) obviously have a fascination with time and memory. ...Read more

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I'm glad I followed your advice to not multitask while watching this - I would've been so lost!

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Couldn’t agree more! I have this on my watchlist to watch again. I watched it a few years ago and it’s stuck with me ever since (was going to say ‘haunts’ but that’s the wrong word). Needs full concentration and I can’t wait to watch these holidays. Helps that Guy Pearce is a legend. ;)

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