Mountain Climbing in the Himalayas

Meru - Mountain Climbing in the Himalayas
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Fantastic watch.

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Cool stuff! Time to climb Meru!

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Love it. In total awe of Jimmy, Conrad and Renan who overcame his injuries. Breathtaking documentary.

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Wow. I have a new-found respect for mountain climbers. The determination I saw in this documentary was very astounding. 5 months after fracturing your skull and spine, and you're ready to climb again?! Amazing. Awesome documentary.

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Focusing around the idea of what motivates us, and the idea of striving to do the seemingly impossible, a great docu.

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Just saw Jimmy Chin's Oscar winning FREE SOLO and was inspired to watch MERU again. Chin's talent makes these climbing stories make my stomach turn yet at the same time make my heart leap with joy!

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Conrad and Jimmy,wish I was young enough to climb to see the magnificent stars of God's creation.

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I'm glad there are exceptional people who can actually do this type of extreme climbing so mediocre climbers like me can live vicariously through them but I'll never understand how they do it. I got intense vertigo from the scene at 1:23:53 where they are perched at the summit looking ...Read more

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I loved it. I watched Free Solo before this.

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