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This was an interesting movie. I never thought I would enjoy silent films, but I enjoyed this one.

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This movie is AMAZING. So interesting, enthralling, engaging, Metropolis is the origin of what we know as sci-fi -- while still being deeply relevant today.

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I love C-3PO in this.

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This is an absolutely STUNNING classic. That something like this could be made 90 years ago, accurately depicting end-stage capitalism - incredible.

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Interesting. The setup is textbook Marxism. but...plot twist...the Marxist plan leads to disaster.
Instead, they need a savior.

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Maria has MASSIVE hands!

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This movie didn't really interest me, I nodded off a couple of times

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Yes, Metropolis is considered one of the greatest films of all time, and, yes, Fritz Lang is considered one of the greatest auteurs of all time. Still, I don't think Metropolis (or Nosferatu, for that matter) garner enough popular adoration. This film is sincerely enthralling even considering ...Read more

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The workers' plight is the logical (hyperbolic) extension of capitalism.

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One of Fritz Lang's many masterpieces. This film is a stunning achievement and a must see on the big screen, if you get the chance. At last, we have a complete or near complete version of METROPOLIS.

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Interesting. Got to say, the ending almost got my tears.

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Liked the music, the acting, the representation of the workers life.

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