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Amazing! Such a pleasure to watch this, this brought back so many memories.

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Beautiful movie, man.

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Captured the wasteland truths of the 90s. Friendships that bonded over emptiness, but sought to bring purpose out of nothing. Searching for something from beyond reach, so bring it down to the ground with pain. And yet unity. Made me cry with memories.

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I had trouble with the opening sequence. Begins with a premise of abuse. Can't watch. Maybe I'll try again someday.

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Never a big fan of Hill as an actor but this has the mark of that magic all
great directors have. Let there be more from Jonah, we need this quality
of film making.

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A 90's America/California drama, broken home, kid searching for his posse and role models. Little bit painful for me, but a well scripted and cast film.

Anonymous picture

this movie has a bomb ass soundtrack holy fuck. matched with astounding visuals, i cant get enough of this

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Although I wasn't around for too much of the 90s, to me this film screams 90s culture and the freedom there was before the 2000s tech boom. A perfect bildungsroman.

Anonymous picture

vanilla version of Kids

Anonymous picture

some fine ass music in this bitch.

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this was fire. can't even front.

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I cannot believe how beautiful this film is. So impressed with the cast and everyone involved. I really, really enjoyed it!

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Poignant - well done!

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Mark M.

good film, captured the uncertainty, anxiety and the excitement of the mid90's, I skated then....still do.

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Such a great movie, BRAVO JONAH HILL!!!!!!

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