Million Dollar Business Lessons Volume 1

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Andrew Ford (Ford and Doonan Air-Conditioning)
Revenue: $30 - $35 million. Andrew shares his secret to becoming the biggest air conditioning supplier in Western Australia. He shares the benefits of business partnerships and how to choose…
Andrew Mackinnon (Serial Entrepreneur)
Revenue: $7 - $8 million. Andrew talks about how he chooses staff and business partners. He lets us know where he gets his inspiration from and how he attracts customers…
Brian Briscoe (Briscoe Search)
Revenue: $9 - $10 million. Brian energetically talks about the tenacity required in running a business, lessons learned from overcoming cancer, the strength in good partnerships, and the value of…
Gary Rose (Vocam Group)
Revenue: $7 - $9 million. As the founder and owner of a safety training company operating in 6 countries, Gary shares his insights and learning from entering geographically and culturally…
Gavin Hegney (Hegney Property Group)
Revenue: $20- $21 million. Gavin owns the largest property valuation group in Western Australia. He shares the power of strategy, goal setting and the benefits of mentors and his favourite…
Jono Weisenstock (Serial Entrepreneur)
Revenue: $4 - $5 million. Serial Entrepreneur and sports nut, at the time of filming he was the founder and director of 3 businesses, in retail, recruitment and betting. He…
Julie Jumonville (Upspring Baby)
Revenue: $25- $30 million. Julie is an inventor, mother of 2, owns an engineering company and a manufacturing business and still finds time to travel, spend time with her family…
Louis J. Licata (Licata and Torek)
Revenue: $9 - $10 million. As the owner of a large International Law company, Lou talks with great insight about the keys to success, including having the right DNA, developing…
Martin Black (Margaret River Chocolate Company)
Revenue: $19- $20 million. Martin shares with us where passion and dreams fit into a business plan. He discusses customer service and where retail is heading in the next few…
Nathan Buzza (Commtech Wireless)
Revenue At sale: $15 million. Nathan tells us how brain surgery as a child helped develop his entrepreneurial spirit. He discusses mergers and acquisitions, retirement at a young age and…
Tenille Bentley (Socialite Media)
Revenue: $4- $5 million. Tenille is the founder and owner of a very rapid growth business in social media. She shares her secrets of leverage, joint ventures and office strategy.
Tom Hobson (Abanaki Corporation)
Revenue: $30 - $40 million. Tom Hobson - Internationally successful, talks about the amazing life benefits of running an environmental business, the necessary drive you need to succeed, and the…

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Accounting and Finance Clips 5: Investment Decisions and Contribution
Key Topics
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Payback
  • Decision-making
  • Contribution
  • Costs
  • Special Orders
Accounting and Finance Clips 7: Depreciation, Objectives and Strategy
Clips explain and illustrate key topics in finance using a variety of case study examples. Key Topics
  • Financial Objectives
  • Financial Strategy
  • Return On Capital Employed
  • Financial Targets
  • Depreciation