The Many Levels of Minimalistic Lifestyles

Minimalism - The Many Levels of Minimalistic Lifestyles
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love their "minimalist" expensive clothes, haircuts and instagram lifestyles. Pick up a copy of their book at Walmart.

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This is not a film about artists, it is about people with little stuff.

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Clearing the mind of unwanted possessions or clearing the domicile of unwanted possessions? Which comes first and which is more important?
I don't have the answers but the journey to minimalism sounds interesting and I am glad they shared their experiences.

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Love these guys. Started listening to their podcasts several months ago and get a lot from them. I think much more of the minimalist values and philosophy comes out over time listening to the podcasts. Reducing the "stuff" and clutter is a way to lessen distraction. Lots of other ways to ...Read more

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I found these guys to be nothing but salesman. I love how smug they are in their "enlightenment." Really?... We don't need a bunch of crap from Wallmart? Try to pry their I-phones and technology away from them. God bless them, it's all about finding ourselves and our process. Good luck ...Read more

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Jay, I think you've missed the point. I hope you'll reconsider opening your mind. The average "process" you speak of really doesn't work for a human being. It's a trap.

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The human experience on all fronts, is a process. I think these fellas are looking for meaning and purpose and I can admire them for that, and within it, I have compassion for them, as, to me, they come off as a little smug in their "guru" approach to minimalism. Perhaps they're too young ...Read more

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It's funny that in a movie which is trying to say that stuff isn't important, they still spend almost the entire movie talking about stuff, whne they could have talked about a different lifestyle. I know its probably meant to introduce people to something but this is a movie about ...Read more

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This is a great concept especially since I am a packrat and possibly when I get old a hoarder, this stems from a life of losing parents and probably trying to make up for it with material items. I will try to be more conscientious when I buy to throw something old out or donate when I buy ...Read more

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Excellent doc! Bravo to these enlightened Millennials! Gives me hope for the future! Extreme Consumerism is no longer sustainable or desirable. Materialism will never fill the hole in your soul. The Club of Rome is an older European organization who has been preaching for decades that the GDP ...Read more

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Good documentary, definitely made me think about the stuff I own.
Agreed with Charles (in the comments below) that the "I'm more a hugger" was a bit over the top.

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The "I'm a hugger" move was over the top for sure.

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That old black man was was the best, he's absolutely right

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Anyone else find them to be sort of "insincere?" Especially, the part when they are like, "Hey, I'm more a hugger."

Also, I don't know if this would be appropriate for people in certain socioeconomic class. Just my thought.

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A lot of the visible faces in the current minimalist movement definitely come from a place of affluence. Lots of very attractive, wealthy white men especially, or picturesque Instagram couples taking photos of themselves making breakfast in a national park from the kitchenette in their camper ...Read more

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Great response.

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I felt the same way, Charles. It's not a risk for rich people to give up their possessions when they can go buy it back whenever they want. Also, it's easy to be a minimalist today because of electronics. How many books can you store on a Kindle nowadays? Do you need to own movies anymore ...Read more

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It gets a bit repetitive towards the end but still the idea is great and worth trying. We found ourselves making lists of the things that we don't need right after we saw this.

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