The Miseducation of Cameron Post

The Miseducation of Cameron Post
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I think what this film lacks in cinematography was made up for with acting. Seriously this movie could not have been cast better, it felt incredibly real and organic. The storyline felt very refreshing as I've seen many films where the conversion therapy aspect is portrayed through ...Read more

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One of the better horror movies I've seen this year. And, yes, it's a horror movie. Though not as stellar as her debut, a decent enough sophomore feature for Akhavan.

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I remember checking out the book from the library and hiding it from my parents so they wouldn't find out I was reading "gay stuff". Reading 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post' was, for me, an enjoyable teen read. This movie felt like a psychological horror film. This isn't a condemnation ...Read more

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I don't think I will ever understand Sundance? This won the Grand Jury Prize? Why? I mean, it works overall, I get the message loud and clear. But the Grand Jury Prize? Really? The script is average, performances are decent, cinematography okay, but nothing about this film stands out from the ...Read more

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This may contain minor spoilers:

But for anyone who is watching the movie after reading the book by Emily M. Danforth- there are a few things you should be aware of.

This movie- in my opinion is drastically different from the book. By the time I finished watching it could have ...Read more

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A fine film depicting the spiritual abuse of LGBTQI people.

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pull my finger

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Well-acted film that accurately portrays internal emotion and thought process onscreen. While mediocre in the technical department, it's not asking for flashy cinematography or production design; you're just meant to be there. 72/100

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Beautifully woven. Ending made me cry.

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I really enjoyed this film. It was a touching story, beautifully shot and has been put together really well. It's hard to think that there are people who have gone through the same experiences that these characters have.

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(Mild Spoilers)
The movie is a mediocre - but not regrettable watch.

Most of the characters are really interesting, and well acted. Particularly, Rick. The actors do the best with what little screen time they have. However, many don't have a large effect on the story. They ...Read more

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I think the film reflects a lot of ambiguity because it is there for the main characters. They are confused. In the last scene they have taken a stand and it is the birth of authenticity...and so they feel good. I actually appreciate the kind of vague, unformed quality of everyone except the ...Read more

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But the trio are 3 teens without jobs, cash, shelter or family. "Taking a stand" is nice, but they have no means of survival. Hell, one of the characters said that if they left, they'd be homeless or forced into sex work - which is quickly ignored for a glossy, hollywood ending.

You ...Read more

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You have made good points, Niaya. However, I still believe the ambiguous nature of the film reflects what is, in real life, a complicated issue. Teens should not be forced into brainwashing camps and it seems thousands are, in real life, forced into these programs. The ending isn't only all ...Read more

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Charlene is correct. Unfortunately, all of these films and books act as if conversion or reparative therapy was invented in the 1970s-90s etc. As a survivor of mid-1950s psychotherapy "fix It" I can tell you that it was going and is still going on mainly under the radar. All of the emphasis ...Read more

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Cassandra: I love the last line in your comment..."Making people hate themselves is a form of child abuse." I think the film addresses this form of abuse. Thanks for all your thoughts.

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